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Bonnie Raitt Celebrates Love In All Its Guises

9 Apr

Regular readers of TSM will know that I’m a big fan of Bonnie Raitt. She’s not just a talented musician, she’s a great human being, a powerful activist, and a woman who is comfortable being herself. Just when I thought I couldn’t love her any more, I saw the new video for the first single from her forthcoming album Slipstream. (It will be available tomorrow, April 10!)

The song itself is beautiful, a great bluesy reworking of the late Gerry Rafferty’s #12 hit Right Down the Line from 1978. Bonnie is respectful of the original while making it fully her own.

Even more impressive is the video. Filmed at the vacant New Mission Theater in San Francisco, it features Bonnie and her band performing the song while a number of local couples listen, dance, and celebrate (and even kiss). What makes this video perfect is that she includes the full spectrum of love. The couples are all ages and colors, gay and straight. The simple beauty of all these people gathered to enjoy a powerful song of love is astounding.

Enjoy this remarkable video and celebrate the amazing humanity of Bonnie Raitt.

Remembering Etta James: January 20, 2012

20 Jan

You will be missed!

This morning we lost a great blues/jazz legend, Etta James.  She would have been 74 next week.  James is exceedingly well known for her blockbuster hits like Tell Mama and At Last.  Her sultry voice captured and seduced many of us. Her talent and determination made her one of the 100 most successful artists in the history of the Billboard R&B charts.

James battled a serious heroin addiction in the 70’s and 80’s.  One can only imagine the barriers she had to overcome as a black woman with great talent in the mid-20th century.  I also love that she was a champion for the LGBT community and supporter of the “Drag Scene” in Los Angeles.

Etta James, you will be missed, but you have left an amazing legacy!

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