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Women’s History: April 23

23 Apr

Catherine of Aragon

April 23, 1533, Catherine of Aragon is annulled by Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn was already pregnant–just good family values.  Nothing like starting your own religion (Anglican Church) so you can get a divorce.  Thomas Cornwall said of Catherine: If not for her sex, she could have defied all the heroes of History.  After being successfully (cough cough) married for 24 years to good old Hank, she was summarily dismissed from the throne for not bearing a son. Well that and Hank was already carrying on with Anne and other women. Catherine did bear an heir to the throne however. Bloody Mary, ever faithful to her mother and to the Catholic church, becomes Queen of England and restores England to Catholicism, the faith of her mother, Catherine. I think I chose Catherine to celebrate today for her strength and determination.  I have always been saddened that Catherine of Aragon has seemed under-appreciated. To learn more about Catherine of Aragon, click here.

Women’s History, January 25

25 Jan

Virginia Woolf

Happy Birthday, Virginia Woolf.  Woolf was a significant figure in London literary society and a member of the Bloomsbury Group–a well known group of literati, including people like Lytton Strachey, Clive Bell,and Rupert Brooke. While her contributions to the literary world were many, some of my favorites are: A Room of One’s Own, To the Lighthouse, and Mrs. Dalloway. Recently, studies of Virginia Woolf have focused on feminist and lesbian themes in her work.

January 25, 1533, Anne Boleyn marries that madcap Henry VIII–Oy! She lost her head over that one.  Boleyn was wife number two for our Hank after he divorces Catherine of Aragon and starts the Anglican Church.  You have to love a religion being started just to allow a divorce.  Our Anne Boleyn is also the mother of Elizabeth I.

Happy Birthday, Clarina Nichols, the often overlooked social reformer and suffragist. She was also part of the Abolitionist Movement and the Temperance Movement.

Happy Birthday, Maude Wood Park.  Park was a suffragist whose lobbying skills and grasp of legislative politics were successfully deployed on behalf of the suffrage movement and welfare issues involving women and children.

January 25, 1972, Shirley Chisholm announces her candidacy for the US Presidency.

Quote of the day:

    The history of men’s opposition to women’s emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself.        Virginia Woolf



Birthday Wishes: December 16

16 Dec

Happy Birthday, Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII and mother of Mary I (England), also known as “Bloody Mary.”

Happy Birthday, Fanny Garrison Villard, pacifist, and suffragist.  She was the daughter of William Lloyd Garrison, famous abolitionist.  Villard helped establish Barnard College, Radcliffe College and Hampton Institute, Virginia. Fanny’s aunt was the famous suffragist, Lucretia Mott.

Happy Birthday, Margaret Meade, anthropologist, environmentalist, and women’s rights advocate.

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