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Cracks in the Teapot

30 Mar

One of the many Cracks

Yes, for those of us that are pro-women, pro-equality and anti-hate, have been long aware of the many many cracks within the Tea Party– can we say Paul LePage, Michele Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin, and the many other nut jobs. Thankfully, a new study reveals that 51% of self-identified conservatives do not strongly identify with the Tea Party.  As we learn more and more about the Koch Brothers funding many of the Tea Party candidates and the paranoia of the Tea Party itself, let us all hope this will be the last Teapot Dome Scandal and that we will start learning from history, despite the anti-intellectual stand of Bachmann et al. Any bets that Palin, and the majority of the Tea Party have no clue what the Teapot Dome Scandal was?  Do we need a literacy test for elected officials? Click here to read the full article.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: March 23

23 Mar

Honoring Joycelyn Elders

Today I would like to honor and pay tribute to Joycelyn Elders.  Elders was the second woman and the first African American US Surgeon General. Elders was probably the most honest and practical Surgeon General to date. Unfortunately, she became a lightning rod for criticism, when she said it was okay to masturbate. (I’m sure not one person in the GOP have ever masturbated–we know Christine O’Donnell never has.) Elders also said we need to open up conversations regarding the legalization of drugs and distribute contraception in schools to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

President Clinton, again capitulated to the GOP and dismissed Elders after only 15 months in her position as Surgeon General. When asked if she would do things differently now, Elders responded:

“If I had to do it all over again today, I would do it the same way,” she told CNN in a recent interview. “I felt I did it right the first time.”

Imagine how much progress could have been made under her helm? How many STDs could have been prevented, thus a significantly less draw on the health system. Imagine the tax revenue from the legalization of marijuana? I applaud Elders for her insight, wisdom, and the courage to speak the truth.

Wednesday Word of the Week: March 2

2 Mar

More Similar Than We Imagined

This week’s word is RHINOCEROS.

a large animal with very thick gray skin and one or two horns on its nose. It lives mainly in southern Asia and Africa – Macmillan Dictionary online

I have always been fascinated by rhinos. They are so large and yet so peaceful. I enjoyed pretending to be a rhinoceros when I was a child and have many toy rhinos as a result. My favorites are the two-horned varieties, the enormous black rhino and the relatively small Sumatran rhino (which is also fairly furry for a rhinoceros).

As you might imagine, I did a real double-take the first time I heard the acronym RINO: Republican In Name Only . Associating the Republican Party with my favorite animal leaves a bad taste in my mouth to start with; the disparaging tone of the label also seemed disrespectful. After the last election cycle, however, I’ve been thinking a great deal about the RINOs and their fate.

The concept of the RINO is a politician who does not adhere strictly enough to the national party platform. In general, as the Republican party has become more conservative, fundamentalist, and compromise-averse, this has meant that so-called moderate Republicans have been considered RINOs. Standard examples are Maine’s two Senators (Collins and Snowe), Florida’s former Governor Charlie Crist, and Delaware’s former Congressman Michael Castle. The stands these politicians take on abortion, the Iraq war, gay rights, the Federal stimulus, and other issues make the far Right look at them askance.

As the Tea Party has ascended in Republican circles, those politicians deemed insufficiently conservative have seen much more aggressive electoral challenges than ever before. Whereas once the Republican party would tolerate the seniority of someone like former Senator Arlen Specter (Flip-Flop, PA), many of these politicians faced stiff opposition in primaries.

Although statistically the number of incumbents who lost their seats in 2010 was not far from the average, the nature of those unseated is remarkable. Former Utah Senator Bob Bennett, generally considered a moderate, lost his primary. Specter switched parties to avoid a similar fate (to no avail, since the Democrats wanted a candidate of conviction, not of convenience.) In Delaware, Castle could have easily won the Senate seat, but his primary defeat by the colossally underqualified and incompetent Christine O’Donnell let the Democrats keep the seat. Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski also lost her Senate primary, although she kept the seat by going Independent.

In all of these cases, the moderate, experience politician was pushed aside by a strident, narrow-minded opponent bent on opposing everything the President does and adhering to a very strict conservative code. As a result, the chances of a collaborative Congress went down as the nation’s need for bipartisanship went up. All of this got me thinking, again, about my friend the rhinoceros. The two R(h)INOs have more in common than I thought at first.

  • They are generally peaceful (often opposing the Iraq war, for example)
  • They are slow moving (not quick to rush to judgment or escape a vicious target)
  • They may survive in a refuge (just ask Sen. Murkowski)
  • As far as I can tell, neither species is fond of tea

Most tellingly of all, however, if the Tea Party has their way, both seem to be headed toward extinction.

Sarah Palin’s Street Gang:Promoting A Culture of Violence

10 Jan

Jessica Valenti’s article, The Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords highlights the “Man-up” culture in US politics: In a country that sees violent masculinity as the ideal, it’s no wonder this rhetoric resonates, does a remarkable job of looking at Tea Party women that have promoted a culture of violence.  Sheriff Dupnik acknowledged this disgrace in his press conference.

Valenti looks at several key culprits, including Sharron Angle, who suggested that if Congress “keeps going the way it is”, people would turn toward “second amendment remedies”. (The second amendment of the US constitution outlines the right of Americans to bear arms.) And in an interview with a local Nevada paper, Angle said: “The nation is arming … If we don’t win at the ballot box, what will be the next step?”

I love how Valenti articulates how these right wing women buy into a masculine model of violence for political expediency: “Stephen Ducat, author of The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars and the Politics of Anxious Masculinity, says that masculine and violent language is often used in elections and campaigns – especially by men on the right – because of a fear of being perceived as feminine. In a sexist society, what could be worse than being called a girl? So it doesn’t seem unlikely that conservative female politicians feel the need to peddle their ideas in gendered and violent language in order to fit in with the masculinised right.”  Republican Christine O’Donnell said that her opponent was “unmanly”; Angle told Harry Reid to “man up”; and Palin praised Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer as having “the cojones that our president does not have” to enforce immigration laws–all embarrassing examples of the promotion of violence.  Did these women not believe there words would have consequences?  I hope you will take the time to read the article in full.

Number 5 Bigot of the Year Award

27 Dec

And the dubious honor of the number five spot for Bigot of the Year Award goes to: The Tea Party Haters (Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Ken Buck, Christine O’Donnell).  Who could forget the madcap antics of Jim DeMint asking for the firing of all gay and unwed mothers as teachers, or that wacky Christine O’Donnell campaigning against masturbation–what a trip to chuckle town.  How about that Ken Buck and his misogynistic rail against women that have been raped, referring to them as women with “buyers remorse.”  Can you get more charm free than that?  Rand Paul, when not wearing his Ku Klux Klan frock, is now posing as a U.S. Senator.  Perhaps Rand Paul and Saxby Chambliss can send out hate emails over the holidays.  This lovely group of people, that only deserve each other’s company, only earned the number five spot.  Stay tuned to see the rest of the week as more wackiness ensues.

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