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Get Out The Vote!

5 Nov

Tomorrow is election day and I cannot underscore enough how important it is to get to the polls and vote.  Not only are we voting for President (at this point, I don’t think it is a surprise that TSM is endorsing President Obama), but there are myriad other issues and seats that will be decided. On the national level, control of the Senate is clearly tied to tomorrow’s votes. The House is less clearly up for grabs, but there may be hope. Hundreds of state and local issues, including ballot measures about taxation and marriage equality also abound.

Let us hope that intelligence, compassion, and the social contract prevail over the homophobia, bigotry, lies and lunacy that are so pervasive in the GOP/Tea Party — the party that seeks to crush all who are not white, heterosexual, male, and wealthy.  Let us hope that we stop the victimizing of women, people of color, and the LGBT community. Tomorrow is our opportunity to say: “We will not be intimidated and we will not be deterred.  We will cast our ballots for hope and solidarity.”

We must not succumb to the intimidation tactics from the white rich Republicans who have purchased billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin to threaten minority groups and keep them from voting. Two days ago, in Clackamas County, Oregon, Republicans started tampering with ballots by filling in blanks with Republican candidates. Mailers in Florida are clearly designed to compel Republicans to vote, while intimidation tacics are in place to keep minorities from the polls.

There is only one sound reaction. Stand up and vote. Do not let anyone tamper with your rights. Do not stand for intimidation or suppression. Many issues — including most of the significant ones — will be decided by slim margins. Every vote counts. Let yours be among them.

What Kind of Crack is the Tea Party Smoking?

21 Apr

Who Cares About Safe Bridges?

I’m sure that everyone remembers the tragic loss of 35 lives when the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis suddenly collapsed in 2007.  In addition to the loss of 35 lives, there were 145 people injured. Most of us took this as a call to arms to evaluate bridge safety across the country. I happen to live in the City of Bridges, Portland, Oregon. We have one bridge in particular, the 85-year-old Sellwood Bridge, that has scored a 2 out of a possible perfect score of 100.  Emergency vehicles are no longer allowed on the bridge.  My husband and I actually refuse to cross the bridge for fear it will collapse at any time.

Gratefully, Oregonians were smart enough to say we need to raise funds to build a new bridge.  The whopping cost to drivers is an additional $5.00 a year per vehicle registration.  One should note that Oregon has one of the lowest vehicle registration costs in the nation. We moved here from Atlanta and our car registration is now less than 10% of what it was in Georgia.  All was going well until some Tea Party member cried about Clackamas County having to pay for a percentage of the new bridge, when the bridge is in Multnomah County.  One should note that 70% of the drivers  that depend on this bridge every day are from Clackamas County.  Yes, many people from Clackamas County depend on this bridge to get to work everyday–now is not the time to leave a job just to stay on the east side of the river. The Tea Party has managed to now put the issue on a special ballot in May.  Again, we have an example of the Tea Party having absolutely no concern for the public at large.  Honestly, I have no idea what the Tea Party’s agenda is.  Am I the only one to find complaining about $5.00 a year to build a new necessary bridge insane?  Click here to take action and stop the Tea Party!

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