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Bigot of the Week Award: June 28, The Supreme Corruption

28 Jun
Bigot of the Week

Bigot of the Week

The Supreme Court wrapped up its judicial year this week with a number of major decisions. On the four that got the most press — and had the largest impact — they managed one disaster (Voting Rights), one victory (DOMA), and two adequate indecisions (affirmative action and Prop 8). As those rulings were rolled out, however, the aggressive activists on the right of the bench bared their ugly souls once again.

The most vile decision was Shelby County v Holder, in which the Four Injustices of the Apocalypse were joined by two-faced Kennedy in gutting the Voting Rights Act. Despite the fact that the VRA was renewed unanimously by the Senate and by an overwhelming majority in the House after extensive research, the Court ruled that Congress acted capriciously and violated States’ rights. That rationale fails to disguise the clear desire to allow states to practice voter suppression, disproportionately impacting marginalized populations which coincidentally vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.  Talk about intentional disenfranchisement!

Chief Racist Roberts penned the poison decision, helping secure his horrible legacy. He also wrote an ugly dissent in Windsor v United States, the case that overturned DOMA.

Speaking of ugly legacies, Justice Scalia managed to spew his usual bile with flair and volume. He continues to argue that calling a bigoted law bigoted is biased against bigots. That’s some weird reasoning. He also displayed his split personality in the Shelby and Windsor rulings. To support racism, he trumpets States’ rights and blames Congressional overreach. To support homophobia, he says that Congress should have the final say, and the will of the states that support LGBT rights be damned. In a curious bit of double-speak, his Windsor dissent includes:

It is an assertion of judicial supremacy over the people’s Representatives in Congress and the Executive. It envisions a Supreme Court standing (or rather enthroned) at the apex of government, empowered to decide all constitutional questions, always and everywhere “primary” in its role.

That is one huge spleen that Scalia has!  Justice Alito-Mussolini, joined in the discrimination chorus. He also demonstrated his ongoing behavior as a petulant brat. During Justice Ginsburg’s scathing Shelby dissent, he rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders. He displayed similar disrespect to opinions offered by Justices Kagan and Sotomayor on other matters. Racist, homophobe, misogynist — score three for Alito, but of course “he does make the trains run on time.”

Justice Thomas remained inert, participating only far enough to support a version of the Constitution that must have been written in 1276, content to continue suppressing the rights of others now that he’s got his lifetime gig.

What a horrible example of judicial activism and abuse of power!

There’s plenty of dishonorable mention to spread around, as well, so let’s just highlight two magnificent examples.

  1. Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose efforts to crush Planned Parenthood and severely restrict reproductive choice in his state were thwarted by true democracy in action, chose to demonize state Sen. Wendy Davis. He argued that she’s lucky she wasn’t aborted by her unmarried mother and should take a lesson from that. My he is Klassy!
  2. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R – What’s the Matter with Kansas) followed the DOMA decision by introducing a new bill to ban same-sex marriage in the U.S. Constitution. I guess the House didn’t waste enough taxpayer time and money defending the indefensible.

Many of the usual homophobes spewed their bigotry in despair after the Windsor ruling as well. Rather than bother with names and quotes, let’s take a lesson from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, whose flawless response to their angry bloviating was a calm, “Who cares?”

Announcing the Clarence Thomas Award for Sexual Misconduct

16 May

ThomasDoDRecent events in the U.S. Military have led to the creation of a new SJFA award! Named in dishonor of (In)Justice Clarence Thomas, who blamed the victim, distorted the truth, and winked and nodded his way into a lifetime appointment — at the expense of Anita Hill — this award will be announced irregularly when any person or organization qualifies. A combination of monumental misogyny, callous disregard, and overt sexual hostility are the requirements. Sadly, we may see awards far more often than we would like.

Since the inclusion of women in the military, sexual assault and forced prostitution have been very real problems. Over the past decade or so, as women have moved into positions of greater authority, the Pentagon has indicated the intent to address the issue. Sadly, two recent events prove that whatever they are doing isn’t working. (Perhaps they’ve been taking strategic advice from the Catholic Church…)

Last week, an Air Force officer was charged with sexual battery; this week an Army Sergeant First Class is being investigated for forcing at least one subordinate soldier into prostitution, and for sexually assaulting two other soldiers. The common thread? Both were in positions of authority and power to investigate and prevent sexual assault!  Maybe they just didn’t read the job descriptions properly.

Based on the ongoing problems faced by LGBT personnel since the repeal of DADT and the shocking lack of effective health training for women, it’s clear that the U.S. Military is still living in the 1920s before all that equality stuff got in the way. The Pentagon must provide real leadership, and real consequences, to change the culture or the behavior will never change. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, chair of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel, is demanding such change.

It is time to get serious and get to work reforming the military justice system that clearly isn’t working. I believe strongly that to create the kind of real reform that will make a difference we must remove the chain of command from the decision making process for these types of serious offenses.

Sounds like it’s time to send a woman in to get the job done right.

Wednesday Word of the Week, November 9: Memory

9 Nov

Puzzled Potential Presidential Pachyderm

This week’s word is MEMORY

the power of retaining and recalling past experience — Macmillan Dictionary Online

One more failing of the current crop of GOP Presidential candidates seems to be a lack of this power.

The best example is Pizzaman Herman Cain, the heir-apparent to Clarence Thomas. Facing allegations of sexual harrassment from his time at the National Restaurant Association, Cain has managed to forget the answer to every question asked. One wonders if his next move will be to forget that he ever worked there at all.

Serial flip-flopper Mitt Romney is also a convenient forgetter, and he hopes the Republican electorate will be as well. Universal health care? Might have happened while he was Governor of Masschusetts, but who can recall? In his efforts to pander to every teahadist demand, he reinvents himself daily.

Some examples are more pathetic. Apparently Michele Bachmann forgot she was a crazy woman with a gay husband. Rick Perry forgot that he was an idiot. Newt Gingrich forgot that nobody liked him in the first place. Why would that change now? (Ironically, the pack is so damaged, that even Newt’s fatally damaged craft is rising on the tide of not-those-other-guys.) And they say that elephants never foget…

The prosepct of any of these people becoming president is scarier all the time. Who needs a national leader who forgets the which Korea is our ally? My advice for voters, forget this bunch of losers.

Dear Justice Thomas: Do We Need a Lesson on Ethics?

19 Jun

I Can't Be Bothered With Ethics

TSM has made no secret of our disdain and disappointment in Clarence Thomas’ behavior, dating back to his sexually harassing Anita Hill.  TSM has also followed the trail of ethics violations attributed to Justice Thomas.  Finally, it was nice to see the New York Times calling Thomas out on his bad behavior.    Thomas’ involvement with the Koch Brothers and with Citizens United may prove to be his undoing as a supreme court justice–let’s hope so, if justice is to be carried out.

In yesterday’s New York Times’ we see yet more controversial behavior leading up to ethics violations.  Thomas’ involvement with real estate magnate and long-time conservative funder Harlan Crow proved to be quite advantageous.  Yet again, we need to look into Thomas’ extrajudicial activities.  We have talked before about his appearing before right wing audiences to raise money for Tea Party candidates, as does his wife Ginni. It is hard to trust a justice who actively campaigns for partisan politics.  Click here to read the full article.

Breakfast with Anita Hill

8 Jun

What an extraordinary treat to have breakfast with Anita Hill.  As a volunteer with Planned Parenthood here in Oregon, I was able to hear Dr. Hill at breakfast and even steal away some private time with her, well long enough for a couple of questions and to tell her how much I love her.  The past 20 years have done nothing but make her even more eloquent and amazingly gracious given how ill she has been treated.  Not even the nefarious Ginni can dampen the indomitable spirit of our Anita Hill.

I remember watching the Thomas/Hill hearings in 1991–what a horribly dark period of history for the United States.  What is worse is the legacy of installing the bigoted and ethically challenged Clarence Thomas as a supreme court justice. Hill’s speech was gracious, hopeful, and inspiring.  She addressed the issue of the economy and how it pertains to women’s health issues, quoting Susan Faludi: “All of women’s aspirations, whether for education, work or any form of self-determination, ultimately rest on their ability to decide whether and when to bear children.”   How sad that 20 years after the attack on Anita Hill, we now witness a full scale attack on women’s health and reproductive rights: Indiana is just one of 8 states that has now completely dismantled Planned Parenthood, which will result in an increased financial drain on the healthcare system.

It is painfully clear that Thomas has landed on the wrong side of history, as his behavior has revealed he did in fact sexually harass Dr. Hill.  Fortunately, the Thomas/Hill hearings did bring the issue of sexual harassment to the forefront.  While there is still so much work to be done regarding sexual harassment. Anita Hill had the courage to use her voice and hopefully will inspire others to find the courage to use their voices.

Nothing Says Democracy Like Child Labor

23 Apr

Happy, Safe, Children at Work

Yes, education and safety are far overrated issues in America. Honestly, a five-year-old has the nimbleness and dexterity to sew in factories, or hold a toothbrush for hours on end to clean the hard to get to spots in the Koch Brothers’ mansions. And let’s face it, it is far easier to get a five year old in the coal mines than a grown person.  If right wingers/tea party members like Justice Clarence Thomas get their way, we will soon become a developing third world nation.  Thomas, (who shares a brain with Scalia) has:

called for a return to a discredited theory of the Constitution that early twentieth century justices used to declare federal child labor laws unconstitutional.

Yes, you read that correctly!  This news will be a delightful tonic to Scott Walker and Paul LePage.  We won’t need to worry about pesky unions or teachers if we start forcing children to join the work force for pennies–and just look how famous Oliver Twist became.  He should be thankful that he did not go to school!  Turning the clock back a hundred years is just what we need–back when black folk new their place, women knew their place, gay folk knew to stay in the closet, and good rich white folk could profit from good hard child labor.  Click here to see the full disgusting article.

A Broken Clock Moment For Alan Simpson

12 Apr

Simpson's Broken Clock Moment

I am starting to believe The Rapture is going to take place quite soon. Conservative Republican Alan Simpson is the voice of reason regarding homosexuality and abortion–well, a broken clock is right twice a day. My first encounter with Simpson (R-Wyoming) was watching him badger and belittle Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings, or shall we call them the Anita Hill hearings. His behavior was reprehensible and sent out a clear message that if you have been sexually harassed don’t bother reporting it. Click here to see some video footage of Simpson attacking Ms. Hill. Sad that the incompetent, ethically compromised, and bigoted Clarence Thomas is part of Simpson’s legacy.

More recently, Simpson is infamous as co-chair of the Cat Food Commission. So one can only imagine my surprise when I read that the same Simpson was the voice of reason regarding a woman’s right to chose: male lawmakers shouldn’t be allowed to vote on the “deeply intimate and personal decision” of abortion. Not only did Simpson stand up for women, but he also took a stand by condemning all the homophobes within his own party:

We have homophobes on our party. That’s disgusting to me. We’re all human beings. We’re all God’s children. Now if they’re going to get off on that stuff—Santorum has said some cruel things—cruel, cruel things—about homosexuals. Ask him about it; see if he attributes the cruelness of his remarks years ago. Foul.

I’m glad someone finally took Rick (The P is silent) Santorum to task for his homophobic bigoted views and language. I never thought I would say this, but I do believe Simpson is not only redeeming himself, but he is making it safe for Republicans to be thinking individuals again, rather than blind, bigoted, bellicose, bullies. Thank you, Mr. Simpson.  Click here to see the full article and video.

Cruel Clarence Can Claim Crimes Against Humanity

5 Apr

I just can't stand people

For all those that follow TSM, you are well aware of the information documented proving the incompetence and moral bankruptcy of Justice Clarence Thomas. Unfortunately, the following article only adds to his criminal record, rendering Thomas and his puppet master Scalia as misanthropes of the most dangerous type.

Thomas tossed out a verdict that would have cleared John Thompson of a murder he was allegedly guilty of in 1985.  Since 1985, an overwhelming amount of evidence has come to light supporting Thompson’s innocence. Sadly, Thomas and Scalia cannot be bothered with facts regarding human life–dish or irony anyone?  This coming from two anti-choice misogynists. Not only did Thomas throw out the verdict, but felt compelled to put in some exceedingly disrespectful comments about Justice Ginsberg his first opinion drafted, echoed by Scalia.

What terrifies me is this is the Supreme Court we are stuck with for the rest of my lifetime. A court full of activist conservative justices that are bigoted homophobic misogynistic pieces of work. Please read the full article here.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: March 5

5 Mar

Honoring Josephine Herbst

Today I would like to honor and pay tribute to Josephine Herbst. Herbst was an American journalist and labeled a radical communist. I think she should be known best as a social reformer–a muck raker for the public good.  She incorporated the philosophy of socialism into her fiction and aligned herself with the political Left–basically a “do-gooder.”  Like Melville, Herbst wrote about the struggles of the proletariat.  I would call her a journalist who wrote for social justice. Some of her novels include: Nothing is Sacred, The Executioner Waits, and New Green World. Herbst also wrote for a time for The Liberator. Her writing career incurred the wrath of many and subsequently her politics lost her several jobs and she was the subject of harassment by our own government–I’m sure it is difficult to believe our government would harass anyone.  Oops, there was that whole Anita Hill being put on trial and then installing Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Justice after the evidence showed that he did sexually harass Ms. Hill.  Then of course, we have the very long and ugly history of people being investigated that might or might not have identified as Communists–remember Joe McCarthy? We sure could use Herbst right now in Wisconsin and The House of Representatives. I would recommend that one start with Pity is not Enough.

Ginny’s Tea Party: A Bitter Brew

5 Feb

“I can’t be a racist. I’m married to a black man,” is something Virginia Thomas has to say quite frequently these days, with her newly SELF-APPOINTED position as “ambassador to the Tea Party Movement.”  Yes, I’m sure you all remember our charm-free Ginny, who, after 20 years, called up Anita Hill and demanded an apology for telling the truth about how Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her. According the NYT article, Virginia Thomas said on said on libertyinc.co, a Web site for her new political consulting business,

that she saw herself as an advocate for “liberty-loving citizens” who favored limited government, free enterprise and other core conservative issues. She promised to use her “experience and connections” to help clients raise money and increase their political impact.

“Liberty-loving citizens”–hmm, unfortunately that does not include us homos, or those of us that are pro-choice, or those of us that wish to stop giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans.  If you have been following this blog, you know her husband a Justice on the Supreme Court has already used his celebrity and influence to raise money for the Tea Party (old cranky white man party), which is a violation of ethics for justices.  Of Course, legal ethicists worry that Ms. Thomas’s effort to take a more operational role on conservative issues could intensify questions about her husband’s ability to remain independent on issues like campaign finance and health care.  Gee! You think so? What a dynamic duo: a self-loathing black man who has over-assimilated into the white dominant culture (identification with the aggressor) and a white privileged woman that won’t have to worry about the anti-woman legislation being introduced because her money will protect her.  Click here to see the NYT article.

We sure do love some white wealthy people. Anita, we are still waiting for an apology!

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