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A Big Boy Night: Downton Abbey

7 Jan

DowntonAbbeyAs most TSM followers know, my husband and I are somewhat nerdy and don’t watch the television much, save for the Modern Family and Chopped.  Honestly, we are usually in bed by no later than 9:00 pm, but are up by 4:00 am.  I usually like to roll my hair in my tomato cans by 8:00 and be ready for bed by 9:00 after my dental hygiene routine, which is part of the Gay Agenda. With that being said, we have become addicted to the PBS soap opera that is Downton Abbey.  So you can imagine what a “Big Boy” night it was when we had to stay up past 9:00 to watch the premiere of Downton Abbey Season III.

We actually used the machine on the tv to tape Downton Abbey, but we already watched the special feature with our Angela Lansbury, who looks absolutely stunning at 87!  While it is our Dame Maggie Smith, the Dowager Countess, who is a primary reason we are avid fans of the show, albeit I actually know a real life Dowager Countess, we are addicted to the story line.

Our biggest disappointment in Downton Abbey is the unacceptable homophobia of writer Julian Fellowes!  In his screenplay for Gosford Park, Fellowes depicts the gay characters played by Bob Balaban and Ryan Phillippe as hedonistic self-serving loathsome people.  Sadly, he has now done his worst in portraying the only gay character in Downton Abbey, Thomas, as a sociopath.  What is that about?  Has our Fellowes not ever met any good gay folk?  Is our Fellowes struggling with some demons of his own?  I’m afraid at this point, there are no redeemable traits in our Thomas, so we are left to further vilify gay folk and bear witness to the inexcusable homophobia of Fellowes.

Both Fellowes and Rob James-Collier (who plays Thomas) have promised a more complex and sympathetic portrait of the valet in Season III. We shall see. In the meantime, the season began on a high note, with the welcome addition of Shirley MacLaine.  The multiple storylines and rich characters continue to weave a tapestry of intrigue that showcases class and privilege in rapidly changing times. It’s also — as good television ought to be — great fun wrapped in touching humanity. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store!

Who Needs Health Care? Are There No Poor Houses?

18 Jun

I want to thank my friend Tom McCollin for inspiring me to write this story and for being such a good human being.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get very tired of right wingers co-opting language. For example, it truly galls me when I hear the misnomer “pro-life” when the real term should be anti-choice.  More recently, I am exhausted by the media using the term “Obamacare” rather than Healthcare.  I find it absolutely shameful that we have such a high percentage of Americans that do not have access to healthcare, or can be denied healthcare if they are transgender.  I point you to this wonderful and short video about healthcare in Canada. Click here to watch the video.  

Women’s Health: The Class Divide

7 May

Thank you to my friend Jen Lockett for sharing this amazing video with me.  Regardless of how people feel about birth control, or abortions, people with money will always make sure that mothers, daughters, sisters and partners get the health care they need, including abortions.  But what about states where it has become increasingly difficult to have a pap smear, or get birth control, or have an abortion–the states where insurance companies refuse to cover any of these costs for women?  Please watch this important video and please share it!

Women’s History: May 4

4 May

Not a fan of the poor.

May 4, 1979, Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first woman Prime Minister.  Known as the “Iron Lady,” Thatcher was not a favorite of mine. It is always difficult for me to separate Ronal Reagan and our Maggie Thatcher.  What I chiefly remember as her legacy was the infamous poll tax. Yes, it was under Thatcher’s reign that she and the conservatives thought to tax people to vote–sounds like something John Boehner and Newt Gringrich would support.  What a lovely way of preventing poor people from voting. I keep remembering the line in Absolutely Fabulous, from June Whitfield about Thatcher as Prime Minister for 40 years: “…it was a very long time.”

Protect the Fetus: Reject the Mother and Baby

3 May

I'm Pro-Life: Anti Baby

I grow ever weary of anti-choice groups as they vilify Planned Parenthood and show  up to abortion clinics harassing both the young women and the doctors, allegedly to “protect” the fetus.  What is more disturbing is the complete lack of support available to marginalized mothers who do have babies.

Last week, Republican Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan signed a law that allows the state to functionally dissolve local governments.  The immediate implications of this law are felt by teenage girls that wanted to stay in school while raising the babies that conservatives have been pressuring them not to abort. Rachel Maddow ran footage of police shoving, cuffing and pushing around teenage girls, while the sirens wailed over the girls’ shouts and cries.  Again, we see how marginalized populations are: damned if they do and damned if they don’t, issues not faced by white wealthy conservatives, thus the Great Class Divide.  Click here to see the article and the very disturbing video.  I do believe it is time to recall Snyder!

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