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Hate Groups Trying to Play Victim Card: Hypocrisy Much?

19 Aug

What, me hate?

First allow me to say how saddened I was to learn that a security guard was injured at the Family Research Council (FRC).  I, for one, am not a proponent of violence, regardless of the fact that FRC and the ironically named National Organization for Marriage (NOM) — along with their sponsored elected officials — are pushing violence as part of their “Christian” agenda.

There is a very good and very real reason why the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has acknowledged FRC and NOM as hate groups.  Now closet case Tony Perkins and our ball of crazy Maggie (I can’t stop thinking about gay sex) Gallagher are trying to play the victim card. They say the “hate group” label caused the shooting. Good ol’ Maggie is even helping another hate group, LivePrayer, mount a $100 million lawsuit against the SPLC.

Let us have a bit of a history lesson before we proceed.  The FRC is rooted in White Supremacy and has ties to the KKK — big shock there.  Both NOM and the FRC have decades of blood on their hands for pushing their homophobic hate. Violence against the LGBT community has gone up by 13%, as have gay teen suicides.  Where is the apology from the FRC and NOM?  Let us also be reminded of the extraordinary misogyny of these hate groups.  James Dobson, the founder of the FRC (secret lover of Tony Perkins) was quoted as saying: “The biggest Holocaust in world history came out of the Supreme Court with the Roe v. Wade decision.”

What’s sad is that many in the media are buying Perkins’ poor li’l me sob story. The same twisted rationale that has him appear on news programs to provide a “balanced view” has them saying  the “hate group” label is too harsh for a “policy organization.” If any of those so-called journalists had done a bit of research, they would know that the SPLC addressed that issue, highlighting the aggressively hostile language that Perkins and the FRC use about the LGBT community. (GLAAD has a good overview as part of their commentator accountability project. Maggie is on the list there as well.) The crowning irony is that Perkins has repeatedly accused the LGBT community of exploiting bullied gay teens (many of whom committed suicide) to gain sympathy; now he’s hiding behind his employee and “friend.” How christian…

P.S. FRC hosts a big conference each September, the horrifically titled Values Voters Summit. They just confirmed a new speaker for this year’s event…Rep. Paul Ryan. That should be all anyone really needs to know about Romney/Ryan 2012.  Yes, Paul Ryan represents the values or the lack of values of registered Hate Groups!


A Bigot Broken: Andrew Shirvell’s Just Desserts

18 Aug

Big Ole Closet Queen

Disgraced former Michigan assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell had his day in court at last…and really wishes he hadn’t. Long-time TSM readers may remember this odious little man. He received one of our earliest Bigot of the Week Awards for his behavior in the fall of 2010. When Chris Armstrong became the first openly gay student body president at the University of Michigan, Shirvell’s bigot alarm started a-ringin’. He mounted a one-man campaign of abuse, posting dozens of obscenity-laden attacks on Armstrong. Shirvell maintained that Armstrong’s election was the result of the “cult of homosexuality” and accused the student of “nazi-like” behavior. (Ironically, the creepy attorney created a whole blog devoted to Armstrong…)

To Armstrong’s credit, he simply stood his ground and continued his studies and leadership. The outcry resulted in Shirvell’s suspension and eventual firing. When the behavior continued, Armstrong filed a harassment lawsuit. He sued for a reasonable $25,000 and offered to withdraw the suit in exchange for a public apology. Shirvell refused.

In the intervening months, Armstrong and his family created a scholarship fund for students who have been victimized by bullying. Shirvell continued to rant about the homosexual agenda, published more lies about Armstrong, and attempted a failed countersuit. This week it all came to a close when a jury awarded Armstrong an impressive $4.5 Million. One has to wonder what kind of obsession or guilt got Shirvell’s crazy train started. Once it was rolling, however, it just kept speeding down the tracks. Now it’s plunged off a cliff and Shirvell is the victim of a catastrophe entirely of his own making. It seems to me that it is painfully obvious that Shirvell is gay and is obsessed with Armstrong. Who knows how much longer that closet will be able to contain Shirvell.  Regardless of whether or not he busts out of the closet, his pathology makes him pathetic.

James Lankford Can’t Stop Thinking About Gay Sex

15 May

What is in his closet?

Thank you to my friend and LGBT ally Sara Carmona for inspiring me to write this story.  It seems that our sad old poor old Republican Congressman, James Lankford from Oklahoma can’t stop thinking about gay sex. Yes, apparently James is so terrified of “the gays” that he feels “it is a choice worth being fired for” in Oklahoma.  I wonder when he chose to be straight–if he really is…

Oh you wacky madcaps in Oklahoma.  If it is not Republican Sally Kern calling black people lazy, it is James Lankford dreaming about, oops, I mean thinking about gays. Lankford said:

 he not only believes homosexuality is a choice but that he also believes employers should be able to fire an employee simply because they are homosexual.

I guess Lankford can’t be bothered with the strong stand the  American Medical Association, the American Association of Pediatrics, and the American Psychological Association who all agree that homosexuality is not a choice. Yet another bigot on the wrong side of history. It would seem that Oklahoma is not safe for the LGBT community.  Where are we safe?

Bigot of the Week Award: July 15

15 Jul

Bigot of the Week

As is typical on Thursday evenings, I find myself with an embarrassing number of candidates for the dubious honor of BWA.  Of course the one that stood out amongst all other bigots this week was Marcus Bachmann.  Bachmann tried to defend his Reparative therapy clinics in an interview with the Star Tribune and tried to justify some of the horrific language he has used in describing the LGBT community; all of this earns him this week’s BWA.

Just to be perfectly clear, both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association oppose any type of “reparative or conversion” therapy. One might wonder why Marcus Bachmann is consumed with thinking about homosexuality. He and Fred Phelps have a lot in common.  Perhaps Michele needs to be a little worried about how much time her husband thinks about gay sex.  Well, I’m sure there is nothing hiding in his closet and I will leave it at that. Click here to see the full article.


Bigot of the Week Award: June 17

17 Jun

Thank you to my friend and ally Jennifer Locket for inspiring this story.  What a sad contrast to our HWA story.  The former New York Giants wide receiver (pun intended), David Tyree has come out against the LGBT community revealing both his bigoted views and possibly his own struggle/ issues with homosexuality.

Tyree’s rant  that marriage equality was the first step on the road to ANARCHY earns him this week’s BWA.  If gay marriage is that threatening to heterosexual unions, they must be quite fragile, indeed.  I’m still nonplussed by heterosexuals so consumed with thinking about homosexuality.  I have to say I don’t ever think about my heterosexual brothers and sisters having sex.  Click here to see the full story and video.

Rick (The P is Silent) Santorum Strikes Again…

17 Apr

I Will Check Every Bedroom For Gay Sex

The ever charm-free Rick Santorum was using the quote Fighting to Make America  America again.  This quote is from a poem by Langston Hughes and  supports unions, social justice and racial equality.  The functioning illiterate Santorum, when informed that this quote was from Hughes, a black homosexual, quickly dropped his new campaign slogan.  I suppose it would not play well for Santorum to quote a poem by a black homo, when he just told Glenn Beck’s radio audience that states should be allowed to outlaw gay sex.  Do we need to worry that Santorum is going to personally police this? Will Robert and I wake up one morning to find Santorum’s nose prints on our bedroom window again?  All I’m saying is that he sure does think about gay sex an awful lot for a “straight” man.  I’m sure the Tea Party must be so proud of Rick–he stands for everything they do: Hate women, hate the homos, hate blacks, hate anyone who is not a white heterosexual christian.  Click here to read the full story, if you can stomach it.

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