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The Very Fragile Institution of Heterosexual Marriage

22 Apr

When people talk about the Sanctity of Marriage, I had no idea that Marriage Equality was so very dangerous!  Who knew that a marriage between a man and a woman was so precarious, so fragile, so susceptible to corruption?  My gay marriage is obviously very very very different indeed.  My husband and I are surrounded by heterosexual couples.  In fact, we had a heterosexual couple to our home for dinner last weekend and never once did it make either of us feel as though we had to turn heterosexual or that Mary and John’s union was threatening ours.  Now I see how my “gay” marriage must be so threatening to all straight couples and they all must be feeling the urge to GO GAY.  Thank you Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump for being the paradigm of successful hetero marriage and for explaining to me the threat of marriage equality.  PLEASE click here to see this very short youtube video of this young man as he very succinctly describes the false notion that marriage equality is a threat. PLEASE ALSO watch this WONDERFUL commercial now playing in Oregon.

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