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Dear Catholics…

10 Apr

Dear Catholics, please help me out here. I am truly and desperately trying to understand how those of you who supported Trump did so because of your identity around being Catholic. Sadly, I have family who have used the “we voted for Trump because we are good Catholics” excuse.

Here is some background information. I was talking with a white, heterosexual, cisgender, able bodied, middle class man last week. He was explaining to me that being gay or transgender had nothing to do with gender equity and more importantly that being gay or transgender was WRONG and those people would go to hell. Subsequently, this person explained why he supports Trump: “Because it is God’s will.” Sadly, this white heterosexual man then went into defensive mode by saying: “…by the way some of my friends are gay — they were even at my wedding. While I know they are wrong and will go to Hell, they are friends of mine.” Oy! I wonder if these “gay friends,” assuming they do exist, would consider him a friend?

Here is where I need some help. Please do chime in and illuminate and educate me. Does your God really support a man like Trump — a man who said it is okay to grab a woman buy the genitals? A man who appoints a white supremacist as the attorney general? A man whose behavior has demonstrated nothing but great avarice? A man who publicly mocked a man with disabilities? Is that the God you worship? Who would Jesus hate?

Furthermore, I thought Catholics were against divorce and adultery. How is that you are able to give Trump a dispensation here? Do the rules only apply to those who are poor and cannot afford to buy off a fraud case for $25 million dollars?

Just a quick history lesson here, for those Catholics that are climate change deniers and think science is just a bunch of poo poo, let us remember that in 1633 Galileo was locked up by the Catholic Church for heresy for asserting that the earth was round and revolved around the sun, which countered the wrong geocentric model the church subscribed to at the time. Damn that science! It took over 300 years for the church to acknowledge it was wrong and that Galileo was right. I’m horrifically sad to see that we seem to be repeating history.

Again, I am truly trying to understand how and why Catholics supported and still seem to support Trump and his administration. From my understanding of Catholicism and Christianity, his behavior seems antithetical to the teachings of Christ. I am also exceedingly sad for this man’s children. What if one of them is gay or trans-identified? This man made it clear he feels obligated to judge them and condemn them. Maybe it is just me, but this does not seem like good parenting, nor does it seem very godly. I welcome all voices on this issue to help better educate us all.

Blessed are the dying spouses, for they shall be left for a younger and healthier spouse.

17 Sep

What was I saying about Alzheimer's?

I need to thank my friend, Tim Jung, for the title of this post and for inspiring me.  For the past few years, I have often worried and wondered if I am on a ship of fools called the United States.  Lunacy engulfs the American citizens, with people like Sally Kern calling “blacks lazy” and maintaining that “homosexuals are worse than terrorism,” and the Republican Presidential candidates signing a pledge to discriminate against the LGBT community, and Rabbi Yudin blaming gays for hurricane Irene and the earthquake on the east coast.  Now we have the illustrious, always homophobic, and reliably crazy Pat Robertson of the 700 Club releasing a statement to go for a trade in if you are not happy with your current spouse–now that is what I call the sanctity of marriage! All of this would be laughable, save that the  Tea Party (Teahaddists) eat it up, as does Fox News (Mad Hatter) the host of the Tea Party.

Pat Robertson, a former Republican Presidential candidate himself, told his flock of march hares (I mean sheep):

divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer’s is justifiable because the disease is a kind of death…I know it sounds cruel, but if he’s going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over again, but make sure she has custodial care and somebody looking after her.

Clearly, Robertson and Newt Gingrich are listening to the same god.  Honestly, while I find both men despicable, I don’t really find their views news worthy, save that they possess and abuse power.  Unfortunately, there is a very significant population that is guided by what these insane misogynistic hypocrites say.  My hope is that bloggers such as my self and others will help to expose their hypocrisy, which will then allow others to use a different moral compass–a moral compass that talks about love, compassion, and equality for all.

And for christ’s sake, can all of you right wing nuts stop scapegoating women and the LGBT community for natural disasters? Am I the only one that just finds it unseemly? Because really, if the Gay Agenda had that kind of power, a handful of very select people might disappear, but seven states wouldn’t have to declare disasters. It’s the god of the “righteous” who’s willing to take out innocents to make his point. And that, sadly, seems to have inspired our Pat.

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