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Newt: Protecting the Fairer Sex (?)

11 Jun

He just wants to protect women (?)

Hopefully the title of this article did not make all of you spit up!  For those regular TSM followers, you may remember my tribute to women and LGBT soldiers and my rant against Newt for his misogyny.  I also outlined the myths or rather horse dooky that prevents women from serving in combat:

  1. Women are too emotionally fragile for combat.
  2. Women are too physically weak for the battlefield.
  3. The presence of women causes sexual tension in training and battle. (Hm, didn’t we hear this same argument about not allowing gays in the military?)
  4. Male troops will become distracted from their missions in order to protect female comrades. (Are the men equally distracted from killing women in Iraq and Afghanistan?)
  5. (I love this one!) Women can’t lead men in combat effectively.
Fortunately, a friend and colleague of mine, Jennifer Lockett has written a wonderfully historic perspective that certainly adds to the argument for full equality in the military. I strongly encourage you to please read Jennifer’s article.  Click here.
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