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LGBT History Month: Why We Need to Celebrate

3 Jun

Happy_Gay_Pride_MonthJune is recognized as LGBT History Month, a time for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community to come together and celebrate who we are and stand in solidarity with each other.  We celebrate in June because it was June of 1969 that jump-started the Gay Liberation Movement in our country’s history with the Stonewall Riots.

In 1969 it was illegal in the United States to be gay and we were targeted by police for raids and put in jail.  Sadly, the LGBT community is still policed disproportionately and there are still 14 states where it is still illegal to be gay, most of those states are in the South, despite Lawrence v. Texas. Yes, most states in the South have zero protections for LGBT folk, so one can be denied employment, denied housing, and denied healthcare just for their sexual orientation.

As much as we think It Gets Better, we still have a long way to go.  One wonders why we don’t have a better campaign that says; Make It Get Better, and put the onus on the dominant culture.  We know from the 2010 National Health Report that harassment and violence against the LGBT community have increased by 20% and the increase of violence is even greater for LGBT folks of color.

Sadly, this trend is international and shows no sign of abating. Look at the spike in protesting and violence in France that started as marriage equality began to work its way through the legislative process. Look at the violence in Russia and the Ukraine and the official indifference — or outright support — it receives. Nigeria just passed “All Gays to Be Jailed” law. Closer to home, look at the TEN anti-gay hate crimes in New York City in just the past month: bashings, beatings, assaults, and at least one murder. The closer we get to equal, the angrier — and more aggressive — our foes become.

Granted, our heterosexual brothers and sisters do have to live in fear of the Gay Agenda, but when are we going to have actual movement towards civil rights?  Will the Supreme Court do the right thing and send the message by overturning DOMA that we must treat all of our citizens equally and equitably? Will the Boy Scouts’ lame half-measure finally break them as the California legislature plans to strip them of any non-profit privileges for their incessant discrimination?

LGBT History Month provides a time and place for the community to celebrate and come together in “numbers too big to be ignored” (you I love me some Helen Reddy).  I ask all of our heterosexual brothers and sisters to stand in solidarity and support all LGBT folk in the many colors and lives we represent.


Social Justice For All

7 Apr

SJALL BlogI started my blog, The Solipsistic Me, three years ago.  I must confess it started off as a lark and at that point, I did find the whole process of blogging a bit solipsistic.  However, three years later and my surprise at the success of the blog have made me reflect that blogging can be far more than just a lark.  I have found there is amazing power and impact through blogging.

The content of the blog is exactly the same, but now the name of the blog actually reflects the mission of the blog.  Social Justice for All will continue to address: misogyny, homophobia, racism, ageism, bigotry, discrimination, hypocrisy, power differentials while also celebrating the heroic acts of our fellow human beings who work to expand social justice and civil rights for everyone with a focus on the marginalized and underserved and those living poverty.  Of course, I hope most of the stories published here will also contain some humor, for if we can’t laugh at our selves and the world around us, we lose a great part of our humanity. Thus you can count on another interview with my friend the Dowager Countess Goosenberry, and we must keep vigilant, now more than ever, for that scary Gay Agenda! 

Welcome to Social Justice For All, same blog with a new name.  Let us hope that I and all of you readers learn how to create a space that provides a counter narrative to the dominant discourse and celebrates allies and those that stand in solidarity while spotlighting and embracing with joy those voices that are marginalized and oppressed.

Bigot of the Week Award: November 2, Rev. John McTernan

2 Nov

Bigot of the Week

Curses! Another practitioner of far-right religious rituals has gleaned insight into the power of the Gay Agenda! Thank you to my friend and LGBT ally CJ Hurley for inspiring me to write this story. This week the Not-So-Rev. John McTernan, host of the website Defend and Proclaim the Faith, discovered that the mere hint of marriage equality was sufficient to create SuperStorm Sandy. While watching the news (one shudders to think what network he prefers), this nasty KKKristian saw a story on the impending hurricane in the Northeast followed by what he took to be a sign from God. President Obama, following up on his party’s platform and his personal statements, endorsed the three marriage equality initiatives in next week’s elections. Clearly, the two must be related. Sound the warning! Jesus is weeping, and his tears will flood the Sodom known as Manhattan!

Ordinarily, a penny ante preacher like McTernan wouldn’t merit elevation to BWA. Sadly, he is media savvy enough to blend the election, the storm, and the threat of the Gays — a perfect media moment. He’s received huge amounts of attention by being the latest in a sad series to blame death and destruction on the LGBT community. With a nice twist, he managed to blame the President, too. Racist much?

The hypocrisy of the so-called community of faith around civil rights is palpable. All three state marriage initiatives have been receiving strong support. In the last week, huge ad campaigns opposing equality have suddenly appeared. They play the fear card (Gays are coming for your kids! Teachers will have to talk about gay sex!) which has worked so well in the past. And they are largely funded by fundamentalists and out-of-state Catholic organizations like the Knights of Columbus. Let’s show McTernan and his ilk that America is tired of their ballot box bullying and get a pro-marriage sweep on Tuesday.

P.S. – a related thank you to my friend Madeleine for sending me this lovely link that shows how Gay Power can be harnessed for good!

Bigot of the Week Award: May 10, Right-Wing Response to Presidential Courage

11 May

Bigot of the Week

The dominant story in this week’s news has been President Obama’s clear, principled statement in support of marriage equality on Wednesday. Beyond the media frenzy, it is interesting to see how those on the other side of the political spectrum have responded. Setting aside the predictable shrieks from the professional haters like NOM, Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, Bill Donahue, and their ilk, what do the key politicians and pundits say? Well, that’s sadly predictable too.

Mitt Romney:

[I have] indicated my view, which is I do not favor marriage between people of the same gender, and I do not favor civil unions if they are identical to marriage other than by name.

Still sounding like a broken robot, Romney stakes out a move-the-rights-backward stance, just like his signing a pledge that makes it legal to discriminate against the LGBT community. And he wants to lead this nation?

House Speaker John Boehner:

I think he made his position very clear. I’ve always believed marriage was between a man and a woman. But Republicans here on Capitol Hill are focused in on the economy.

Nicely put, since it avoids the fact that they are focused on destroying the economic recovery.

Faux News shrieked that the President had declared “War on Marriage!” I don’t think they were listening to the same interview I was. Radio semi-personality Mike Huckster — oops, Huckabee — used the announcement to raise funds for his PAC. Misogynist blowhard Rush Limbaugh, drawing on his four-time success with heterosexual marriage, echoed the Fox WAR talking point. How pathetic that they think they can take our focus off of the real War Against Women and create a war that does not exist. It echoes of the war in Iraq because of those mythical weapons of mass destruction!  I could have entitled this article, “Lies Told By the Republican Party.”

Easily the most tragic responses came from the two LGBT Republican (just typing that nearly set my keyboard on fire) advocacy groups. The Log Cabin Republicans:

That the president has chosen today, when LGBT Americans are mourning the passage of Amendment One, to finally speak up for marriage equality is offensive and callous.

and GOProud:

It is good to see that after intense political pressure that President Obama has finally come around to the Dick Cheney position on marriage equality.  I am sure, however, the President’s newly discovered support for marriage is cold comfort to the gay couples in North Carolina.

What kind of Big Ball of Crazy do we have here? It takes more than a little gall to use Dick Cheney as your model for civil rights. How sad that these groups cannot celebrate a victory for LGBT rights, even coming from the other side of the aisle. What a tragic display of self-loathing, internalized oppression, and toxic political blindness.

Special dishonorable mention to CNN, by the way, for continuing to go to a certified hate group for “balanced coverage.” Wolf Blitzer brought on Tony Perkins to respond to the President…

Now if you will excuse me, I have to put on my battle fatigues and get on the front line of War, as per the gay agenda to destroy all hetero marriages. BWAHAHA!

Number 1 Bigot of the Year Award 2011: John Boehner

31 Dec

Number 1 Bigot of 2011

For those that have been following TSM for any amount of time, it should come as no surprise that Mr. Fake and Bake, crocodile tears, Mr. 1%, John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, earns the most dubious honor of the Number 1 Bigot of the Year for 2011.

The congressman from Ohio has consistently demonstrated an abuse of power from a wealthy white heterosexual that rivals some of the super rich white boys on the Supreme Court.  Boehner’s hypocrisy, double standards, misogyny, and homophobia have set his legacy of hate and abuse of power in history!  Rather than working for the American people to balance the budget and get out of a deficit, the ubiquitous obstructionist Boehner said, “we will not raise taxes,” as he was working tirelessly to protect the incomes of the top 1% of Americans–damn the rest of the country.

Yet, while operating out of a deficit, Boehner is spending tax payer dollars to defend discrimination by hiring an attorney to defend DOMA–yes, we must be fearful of the Gay Agenda!  

Pandering to the outer fringe of his party rather than brokering meaningful compromise (how sad is it when you can make Sen. Mitch McConnell look reasonable?) he has made 2011 the year of the do-nothing Congress. Let us hope that his recent capitulation on the payroll tax holiday is the beginning of his downfall–Boehner, another rancid tea bag.

Flashback  2010: The Bigot of 2010 was John McCain.

A Message From the President of the Gay Agenda (Top Secret)

8 Aug

President Hounded by Paparazzi

It has come to my attention and dismay that many of our secrets and confidential pieces of information are being leaked to the media. The leak can only be known as Deep Throat II; I fear we may have to set up our own Warren Commission.

I needn’t remind all of you in the LGBTQ community that the media are not our friend!  I have been working with our Accounting department and Research and Development and quite candidly, the news is not good.  Here is a breakdown of the news from across the globe:

Despite all of our agents in every part of the world speaking out for civil rights and living in happy unions, we have yet to bring down one heterosexual marriage!  We here at the Big Wheel are not pleased!

There was almost a triumph in Oregon.  In a report filed by a heterosexual couple living next door to a happy gay couple, the heterosexual couple, Erin and her husband Matthew,  admitted that the “cleanliness of their house in conjunction with his dental hygiene made us think about going gay, but alas we knew we could never keep such a tidy house.”   Yes, I am glad to hear that we came close to destroying a heterosexual marriage, but this is not good enough.

We also heard from Millicent and Rupert, a straight couple in England, who upon reading of Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish’s new baby responded:

It is true that we thought about getting a divorce and going gay after seeing this happy gay family, but then we thought, “children are such a bother and then there is just too much pressure to do good in the world.” One has to serve on a non-profit board, or be mindful of other oppressed populations — so much effort! And then, of course,  the secret handshake is far too complicated to remember.

First of all, I would like to know how did they hear about the secret handshake? Effective immediately, everyone in the LGBT community will be receiving instructions for the new handshake.

For those of you that are worried about leaks of secret information, such as the leak of our meeting times from a once trusted gay member, let me assure you that the Rainbow Lords are dealing with this spreading of TOP SECRET information. While here at Headquarters we don’t typically like to punish people, we must take serious action against those that reveal too much of our agenda.  In order to comfort the rest of you, I shall let you know some of the action we have taken against the agent in Oregon: We have removed all hair straightening accoutrements, he is now only allowed to floss once a day, and we have issued a moratorium on planting new flowers in his yard.  I realize this may seem overly harsh, but we will not stand for impertinence.

As your President, I must encourage you to keep up the good fight!  We will get marriage equality.  You can look for a video I have made with further helpful tips and instructions on how to destroy heterosexual marriages. I will be sending out the video in a plain brown envelope: You May Not Share this with Any of Your Heterosexual Friends!  I assure you there is some valuable information that we cannot allow to be leaked to the media.  For example, make a nice strong pot of coffee and serve homemade blueberry pound cake to your heterosexual neighbors–this is guaranteed to undermine all of those heterosexual tendencies.


President of the Gay Agenda

We Are Everywhere

Horrifying News on the Gay Agenda: Another Cautionary Tale

30 Jul

The Gay Agenda at Work

Thank you to my friend Jenny Paget for inspiring this story. In the past two months I have noticed that “How to stop the gay agenda” keeps showing up as a search term that directs people to my blog.  While I am sad to see this as a search engine term, I take some comfort knowing it takes people to this story–not exactly a story on how to stop the gay agenda.

I cringe when I learn that people really do believe we, the LGBT community, have an agenda.  If we do, it must be one of charity, peace, civil rights, and social justice. If we really do subscribe to the absurd notion of the scary Gay Agenda, I have you yet another example of it.

Married lesbian couple Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen were some of the first to help victims in the shooting massacre in Norway.  You will remember that Anders Behring Breivik  went on a shooting rampage at a youth camp and then set off a bomb in Oslo.  Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen made repeated trips in their small boat rescuing injured and bloodied kids. The couple endangered their own lives in rescuing the youth:

Dalen and Hansen drove the boat to the island, picked up from the water victims in shock … the young and wounded, and transported them to the opposite shore to the mainland. Between runs they saw that the bullets had hit the right side of the boat. Since there were so many and not all fit at once aboard, they returned to the island four times. They were able to rescue 40 young people from the clutches of the killer.

Here we see the gay agenda is about charity and helping out your fellow human being as we all have to share this planet together. The gay agenda shows us how similar we are as humans, rather than how different.  Who one chooses as a spouse is immaterial to how one chooses to live one’s life, with integrity and character.

More on the Gay Agenda (Caution for readers)

11 Jul

I take my role as a gay man quite seriously and I know I have to abide by the “Gay Agenda” I signed up for when I “chose” to be gay.  It is a very ambitious day today and I only hope I can accomplish all that needs my attention.  (I feel rather bad for fierce LGBT allies like Jennifer Carey, and many of my other heterosexual friends, for I know my actions today may cause the demise of many a heterosexual marriage).

Monday, 6:20 am: Reveal the “Master Plan” on SJFA and delineate point by point the weapons of mass destruction from the Big Wheel at Homo Headquarters.

Here it is folks.  What you will read next is not for the faint of heart!

6:45:  Feed all four cats.  Oscar and Oliver both get surly if they are not fed in the morning, while Max will just get grumpy and Earnest decides to jump on countertops.

6:50: Go downstairs to wash all the breakfast dishes and then clean countertops and stove top. I will then proceed to go back upstairs and brush my teeth.  This is a complicated process. I like to brush first with a regular tooth brush. I then brush again with my electronic toothbrush which is followed by a thorough flossing.  Remember, flossing regularly  can add seven years to your life expectancy. After flossing I like to then use my waterpik.  I like to get all my toiletries out of the way before I shower.

8:00: Shave and then shower.  I like to moisturize after showering, so I put on sun screen on my face.  Then comes the blow drying and straightening of my hair, which starts at 8:25.

9:30: My hair is now somewhat straight and I’m ready to conquer the day, with every move I make I realize I am terrorizing and threatening heterosexual marriages everywhere.

Most of my morning will be talking with financial aid for school next year and running errands preparing for the school year.  Later this afternoon, I need to run to the grocery store and buy turkey and swiss cheese for dinners this week.

Upon returning home from my errands, I shall water all of our flowering plants and retrieve the mail.  I also need to clean out the shower basin and scrub the bathroom countertop. Vacuum all the cat hair from the runner downstairs. Change the litter box. Clean the refrigerator. Pick the basil from the garden for dinner tonight. Hopefully there will be time left in the day so I can get caught up on some reading.  I also need to return phone calls and write a couple of thank you notes. I’m trying to finish Jean Auel’s Shelters of Stone.  

When my husband returns from work, I shall make us dinner and then we will clean up after.  We may just throw caution to the wind this evening and watch the tv.  Yes, I’m feeling rather dare-devilish. I think we will watch a repeat of Modern Family (The Show of our people).

As the day progresses and I find that I have attended to other tasks, I shall update SJFA readers.  I suspect many of you have clutched your pearls after reading this rather aggressive diary. Alas, I cannot rest until we have full marriage equality and there is peace in our time.

Our Journey to Joining the Gay Agenda

2 Jul

All Part of the Gay Agenda

Twelve years ago today, I officially subscribed to the “Gay Agenda.” I had my first date with my now husband, Robert, and all the tell-tale signs of our militaristic gay plans were transparent even then. We went to see the movie Tea With Musollini, a movie about WWII, so we were trying to learn about war strategies from Cher.  After the movie we went to dinner at Vickery’s.  While it may have looked like we were laughing and falling in love, we were actually studying the behavior patterns of our heterosexual peers, so as to learn how to undermine their marriages! Ha!

Within a year, we decided to buy a home together on the corner of Crack and Whore.  You know us gays.  We always have high powered jobs and make tons of money.  I was a teacher, but also  had to work at Crate and Barrel, because I did not make enough money as a teacher.  Robert was a librarian at two different places to earn enough money.  We lived in a well-established  ghetto of Atlanta.  We had two prostitutes that lived on our front porch and had little crack bags that littered both our front and side yard.  More evidence of the gay agenda: we were trying to overtake poor people’s marriage first before hitting the big leagues.

Three years later, we had a big ceremony and we were surrounded by family and friends as we publicly declared our love for each other.  Of course the real goal was to destroy all of the heterosexual marriages in our proximity–not sure how, but we failed on this mission.  Our plans were foiled by people having fun and caught up in our web of love.

Because in 2004 the virulent anti-gay laws that were passed in Georgia, we decided to move to Oregon.  It was terribly difficult leaving our friends and family, but we had failed to undermine just one heterosexual marriage and thought we might have better luck out west.

Currently, I am going back to school and Robert is still a librarian. We have four cats, always a sign of the Big Gay Agenda, heterosexuals hate cats.  We have wonderful and lovely friends/neighbors that are very protective of us–clearly they are not aware of our “gay power” and yet still we have yet to destroy heterosexual marriage.

So while I wish my husband of 12 years happy anniversary today, I wonder what are we doing wrong that our union has done nothing to threaten the union of our heterosexual brothers and sisters.  I wonder if Michele Bachmann and her very “straight” husband are fearful of my marriage?

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