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From Gay Bashing to Child Pornography: Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Lisa Biron

16 Jan

Lisa-BironLisa Biron, a far-right, hyper-christian, anti-gay lawyer, was just convicted on eight charges related to child pornography. You read that correctly.

With Larry Craig’s wide stance, Mark Foley’s sexting with underage pages, and Family Research Council founder George Reker’s hiring a gay rentboy to “lift his luggage,” (hehehe) finding hypocrisy in the professional anti-gay crowd isn’t that surprising. The story of Lisa Biron, however, is one of the most vile  and just about made me spit up!

Biron is an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom. (Don’t you just love these vaguely patriotic names that mean nothing?) Formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund, the ADF was created in 1994 by the likes of Donald Wildmon and the charm free, full of hate James Dobson to

Defend the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation.

The “truth” they want to defend is the narrow version they see in their bibles. The ADF is rabidly anti-gay and has pursued cases against gay rights around the country, including defending Prop 8 in California. They also represent KKKristians who feel that any positive representation of the LGBT community abridges their right to have state support for their religious hatred. (So much for the “Freedom” part…) Biron has been one of their premiere attorneys, litigating many cases and fighting for “family values” all over the nation.

Apparently her family values involve driving a 14-year-old girl to Canada to make a child porn film with a Canadian youth, sexually exploiting the girl in making videos of her with another man, and making a cellphone video of herself engaged in sexual activity with the girl. Some details have not been released, but the AP has reported that the girl was Biron’s own daughter. How’s THAT for family values?

The jury in Manchester, NH deliberated for less than an hour before handing down charges on eight federal indictments including child sexual exploitation, transporting a child across state lines to produce child pornography and possession of child pornography. The ADF has scrubbed every reference to their former star from their Facebook page and their website.

It hardly matters. Lisa Biron is the kind of dirty that never washes clean. And she’s the face of “family values” law. We can only hope that her daughter will triumph over the abuse of her mother and that exposing this type of hate and hypocrisy will further the cause of social justice and equality for the LGBT community.

Standing Up to Hate: Woman Power!

20 Dec

Thank you once again to my friend Jen Lockett for inspiring me to write this article.  The homophobic William Adam Lane attacked a lesbian couple outside of a bar in Bellingham, Washington early Sunday morning. Not only did he yell the typical homophobic epithets at the couple, but then he got quite aggressive and smashed the rear window the Toyota belonging to one of the women.

While I am a pacifist and not a proponent of any type of vigilantism, I was happy to learn that one of the women defended herself and threw the bigot William down and pinned him to the ground until the police arrived.

What I would like to know is when do we finally reach the point in American culture where violence is no longer acceptable–where homophobia is a thing of the past?  Will the language of pacifism win out, or is violence the only language that creates change?  My level of tolerance for a white heterosexual power structure grows ever weary.

*TSM has received many great nominations for both Bigot and Hero of the Year Awards–it is not too late to submit nominations.

Ask the Oregonian: Are 4000 Gay Rights Supporters Invisible?

5 Jun

What the O?

The Portland Oregonian is Oregon’s largest media outlet, considered the “paper of record” and providing coverage of issues and outreach to citizens statewide. Somehow, however, the paper decided that a rally of more than 4,000 people protesting anti-gay violence did not merit any coverage. This from the same paper that felt it important to cover a 15-person Tea Party rally. What’s up, Oregonian?

Regular TSM readers may remember the attack on Brad Forkner and Christopher Rosevear two weeks ago. Even this story of shocking violence and passerby neglect was not covered by the Oregonian until almost three days later, in a story that clearly borrowed from coverage by two local TV stations.

Portland’s citizens responded to this attack by arranging a wonderful rally called Hands Across Hawthorne, organizing the 4,000+ people into a handholding chain across the Hawthorne bridge where Forkner and Rosevear were beaten while holding hands. The rally was quickly organized on Facebook and held one week after the attack. Once again, local television (including the FOX affiliate!) and national media picked up the story. The Oregonian published nothing; not one word or picture.

A search of the Oregonian’s website does turn up two things besides the short piece on the attack. The wonderful Kathy Kniep, who was interviewed on TSM a while back, wrote a letter to the editor about the attack and the rally. Three days after the rally, the “Downtown Portland News” section of the Oregonian’s website included one fairly tongue-in-cheek sentence about the rally and a link to someone else’s article. Nice coverage, Oregonian. How disappointing that an event like this merited no effort from the paper and would not have graced its pages (on-  or off-line) without the effort of a letter-writer and an independent blogger. This is shocking and unacceptable.

If you find this as offensive as we do, please take a moment to sign this online petition at Progressive Oregon. It closes at midnight tonight, so please act today. We need to let the Oregonian know that this kind of blindness and neglect will not be tolerated.

P.S. – For great coverage of the rally and for more details about the petition, visit DailyKos Oregon.

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