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Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe): LGBT Ally

15 Mar

Good Human Being

It is true. I am such a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. I have read all of them at least once.  I’ve always thought Daniel Radcliffe did a great job as Harry Potter, but today I’m just celebrating what a wonderful human being he is and how he is using his celebrity for social justice.  In the past year he has become involved with the Trevor Project, the organization that is working to try and prevent LGBT teen suicides. In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Radcliffe said:

And the idea that somebody would be victimized because of it, is … is so horrendous and … the fact that I could actually, I’m in a position to have a voice that’s heard on something like that, or at least draw attention to that, is…I feel very fortunate to be able to do so.

How grateful I am to be able to publish something good about an ally to the LGBT community after the very distasteful article I had to publish about the recent teen in Ohio that took his life because of being bullied. Click here to see the full article about Radcliffe.

Another Teen Suicide…

15 Mar

I compose this article with great anger and disgust. In the wake of Rep. Mike Harmon from Kentucky pushing for laws to make it legal for “Christian” students to bully gay kids about their sexuality, Nicholas Kelo Jr. took his own life after years of being bullied. Mike Harmon you and all of your other bigoted “christians” have blood on your hands! A 13 year old who was suspected of being gay has taken his own life because of bullies–who would Jesus Bully?  When do we as a nation put a STOP to BULLYING? When do we stop targeting the LGBT community.  John Boehner your defending DOMA contaminates you in a sea of hate as well. I’m afraid my anger over Matthew Franck speaking at Oglethorpe has been reignited as well. I know there are true and really good Christians out there in the world, well now is the time to use your voice! All voices of love, compassion, and courage must drown out the ugly voices of hate and bigotry. Click here to read the full article.

Bigot of the Week Award: February 11

11 Feb

Dr. Philistine: Bigot of the Week

Not that I have ever liked our Dr. Phil, or as our Lex refers to him, Dr. Philistine, but I never thought he was a homophobe until this past week, when he discouraged a mother from allowing her son to play with Barbie Dolls. He then tried to reassure her that her son was not a big old homo, which earns him the BWA.  Seems like a responsible psychiatrist would have offered a very different perspective, especially given the number of gay teen suicides in the past six months. Here is another article to read on our bigot. On behalf of all LGBT Youth, Jeers to Dr. Philistine.

Dr. Phil, Homophobic Bigot At Large

7 Feb

Thanks to my friend and LGBT ally, Jen Lockett for sharing this atrocious story, and helping me expose this bigot, Dr. Phil. I have never been a fan of “Good Ole” White Boy Dr. Phil.  Now, I have even more reason to hold him in complete contempt. Good Ole Phil, is now advising mothers that it is not a good idea to allow their sons to play with Barbie dolls, “because it could confuse him.” The “good” doctor then quickly reassures the mother, “this is not a precursor to your son being gay.” WELL THANK GOODNESS!  Whew!  We don’t want another homo, now do we?  You complete ass, Dr. Phil. In the wake of so many gay teen suicides, this is what you are telling mothers? You and our Dr. Laura have a great deal in common. Click here to see the full article.

I Don't Like Me No Homos

I prefer not to…

29 Jan

I wonder if a blogger could be considered a modern day scrivener? While admittedly I blog to help beat back the darkness and in my strange way to be engaged in tikkun olam, I wake up on some days and wish I could be Melville’s Bartleby.  When I first heard of David Kato’s brutal murder, I thought to myself, I prefer not to–I don’t want to think about this.  When I first read about how the GOP plans to redefine rape, I thought to myself, I prefer not to–I don’t want to think of our country becoming Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. When I read about the dozens of gay teen suicides–I prefer not to…When Walgreens refused to help save a woman’s life because she has had an abortion–I prefer not to…  I prefer not to engage.

I do believe in passive resistance. I do believe in social change through non-violent means.  Obviously, I prefer to write about all the human atrocities, in the hopes that I, and others, can make the world a better place and to prevent myself from slipping into a misanthropic abyss.  So rather than being Bartleby (who certainly has his place in society), I have chosen to be Ida Tarbell.

I prefer not to

Awarness and Prevention Of Suicide Among Gay Teens

27 Jan

As many of you know, I am currently designing a curriculum for public schools to use to educate teachers around issues of bullying, specifically bullying directed towards the LGBT community. I want to thank  my friend Jeffery Equality Newman for sharing this resource and for giving helpful hints for parents regarding bullying. If you have been following this blog, you know much of it has been dedicated to uniting and stopping the needless deaths of LGBT youth. Again, I would also like to put a plug in for the Trevor Project. Click here to see Jeffery’s link.

Teen Commits Suicide After Facebook Taunts

21 Jan

Thank you to my friend Richard Noble for sharing this article.  We have to unite and stop this bullying of LGBT youth!  Contrary to what the bigot Buttars wants, we must enact effective anti-bullying curricula and guidelines.  According to the article in the Advocate.com:

Kameron Jacobsen, a 14-year-old from Orange County, New York, took his own life because of Facebook taunts about his perceived sexual orientation, according to sources.

How does this not break your heart?  Fourteen years old and being bullied for his perceived sexual orientation–this clearly states that it is not safe to be gay yet in our culture.  The following is a statement released by Facebook:

We are deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of these students, and our hearts go out to their family and friends,” said Facebook. “These cases serve as a painful reminder of how people can help others who are either bullied or show signs of distress on Facebook. We encourage them to notify us, and we work with third party support groups including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to reach out to people who may need help. Our Safety Center also contains resources on how to help people who are in danger of harming themselves. These deaths are a loss to many, and it’s critical that we all work together to give hope to teens who may be feeling similarly.

The way we can make it so that It Gets Better, is to make sure we get rid of bigots like Buttars and not allow NOM and FRC to influence our politicians.  The Personal is Political.  Click here to see the full article.

Bigot of the Week Award, January 21, 2011

21 Jan

Not a big surprise that State Senator Chris Buttars earns this weeks BWA. Buttars has introduced a bill in Utah that would repeal the Salt Lake City school board’s recently instituted anti-bullying rules.  Buttars anti-gay agenda is quite clear as he refers to homosexuality as “sexual perversion.”  In this Youtube video, Buttars is transparently homophobic and it is disturbing to me that he cronies try to defend him, saying that “people just love to hate Buttars.”  Really?  Really?  It seems the only hate that needs to be addressed is how hateful Senator Buttars is and how he is actively participating in fostering a dangerous climate for LGBT youth. In the wake of over a dozen gay teen suicides, does it not seem unconscionable to repeal anti-bullying guidelines?  Shame on you, Buttars.  You are a nasty school yard bully.

Hero of the Week Award: December 17, 2010

17 Dec

This is a rather heart breaking HWA.  The LGBTQ community has lost yet another young soul to bullying.  His mother, Wendy Walsh, earns this weeks HWA for fighting the school system to stop bullying against LGBTQ youth.  What a great mom!  Here is the video that I strongly encourage you to watch.  Kudos to the ACLU for getting involved.

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