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Girl Scout Cookies

10 Jan

I am getting ready to go for my second round of chemotherapy. I am dreading it and I know I have to have it. The first round was far more difficult and miserable than I had anticipated. I have to say this is the hardest thing I have ever done, and it makes sense to me why the nurse at the end of the first chemo treatment ended the seven hour session with: “Thank you for coming in and doing this–you did it!.”  As you all know, I named the tumor Pat, short for Patriarchy (we need to kill Pat), and the port in my chest is named Mueller. After the seven hours of chemo, there is one more chemical that is slow release through a pump via Mueller. I have named the pump Nancy Pelosi to help Mueller kill Pat. During the five days of being horribly sick with nausea (and a whole host of other side effects), I have a lot of time for reflection and sadly, sometimes I fear I start to spiral down into a very dark space that does not help me kill Pat. This reflection was spurred on by my wanting to order Girl Scout Cookies.

I love the Do-si-dos and Robert and I both love the thin mints. I told Robert to ask our neighbors to order some Girl Scout Cookies for us. Internally, I did a nose dive into an abyss of fear. My strange and irrational brain went to: “Wait, what if I die and Robert gets stuck with all of the Do-si-dos cookies? He is allergic to peanut butter. Is it irresponsible of me to order the cookies?”

Having cancer really sucks. For me, I constantly worry and I know I have to figure out a different way to navigate this journey. I have started to try some guided meditation. For those reading and have also gone through a similar journey, what are ways you found helpful in coping with the trauma and the everyday perseverating–am I burdening and fatiguing my support network?

My ask is this: support the Girl Scouts, and if people have advice from lived experience, please do share.

Women’s History Month 2012: The Girls Scouts

17 Mar

Thank you to my dear friend Jennifer Carey for inspiring me to write this story.  This March, Women’s History Month, celebrates 100 years of service and education for girls.  It was March of 1912 that Juliette Gordon inducted 18 girls into the Girl Guides, which became the Girl Scouts.  In the past 100 years, there have been over 50 million Girl Scouts who have pledged to: “to serve my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.”  As we saw back in January, the Girl Scouts refuse to cave into bigoted factions that only serve to divide Americans–Brava, Girl Scouts.  The Boy Scouts could learn a great deal about social justice from you.

Fortunately, there will be a huge celebration of the centennial of the Girl Scouts this June.  On June 9, the National Mall will play host to the largest of the festivities, “Rock the Mall,” a sing-along expected to bring together some 200,000 Girl Scouts, friends and family from around the world.

Let us remember that, “Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.”

Hero of the Week Award: January 13, Transgender Response

13 Jan

Hero of the Week Award

Thanks to friend and LGBT ally Jenny Shaw for pointing to this week’s HWA.  In a very sad and unfortunate display of bigotry from 17 year old “Taylor” who is spearheading a boycott of Girl Scout Cookies because the Girl Scouts did the right thing by allowing a transgender girl to join, it is so nice to see this transgender girl’s response to “Taylor.”  Click here to this eloquent response.

Action: Buy some Girl Scout Cookies and support equality, civil rights, and the mission of the Girl Scouts:

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Let us hope that “Taylor” grows up and one day embraces all of humanity, not just the parts she chooses.  For those young people who are transgender and need support, click here.

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