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Bigot of the Week Award: April 13, Glenn Grothman and Scott Walker

13 Apr

Bigot of the Week

The recent attention that the Republican War on Women has received sure has the GOP stirred up. They’re so nervous about the factual attention to their misogynistic policies that every third Republican politician and spokesperson seems to be trotting out an obfuscation, false denial, self-hating woman, or irrational explanation to try to distract the American public. That leaves us with an embarrassment of riches on the BWA nominee front!

Thanks to friend and regular contributor James Queale for this week’s winner. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gets the first half of the award for his recent repeal of his state’s equal pay act. Wisconsin women earn even less on the dollar (75 cents) than the U.S. average and, thanks to Walker, have lost a valuable tool in fighting unfair pay practices. Given Walker’s anti-woman and anti-worker behavior since taking office, this awful act is hardly surprising. As an added twist of the knife, the repealed act also provided pay protection based on race, age, and sexual orientation, so he got to smack down all his party’s favorite targets in one swipe of the pen.

Perhaps more nefarious (in this case) is Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grothman. He led the efforts to pass the repeal bill in the legislature so that it could get to Walker’s desk. Celebrating its passage, Grothman demonstrates his malice and ignorance in a horrific blame-the-victim approach:

Take a hypothetical husband and wife who are both lawyers. But the husband is working 50 or 60 hours a week, going all out, making 200 grand a year. The woman takes time off, raises kids, is not go go go. Now they’re 50 years old. The husband is making 200 grand a year, the woman is making 40 grand a year. It wasn’t discrimination. There was a different sense of urgency in each person… You could argue that money is more important for men. I think a guy in their first job, maybe because they expect to be a breadwinner someday, may be a little more money-conscious. To attribute everything to a so-called bias in the workplace is just not true.

What a great way to avoid looking at all the societal factors that lead to this hypothetical scenario, not to mention the absurd notion that all men are working 60 hours a week while women wimp out and stay home. Oh, and men have more financial sense than all those silly women! He also is flat-out wrong about the breadwinner scenario — despite pay inequity, 2/3 of American households have women as primary or co-breadwinners. Can’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of rolling back rights, though, can we Glenn?

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