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Bigot of the Week Award: August 31, Not Paul Ryan…the Other Racists

31 Aug

Bigot of the Week

Of course, it would have been so very easy to have given Paul Ryan the BWA again, but I will not do that. I will refrain from calling attention to the many blatant lies the bigoted hypocrite Ryan spewed from his venomous lips at the GOP Convention.  Please TSM audience, please do not pressure cook me here about reporting what a spleen Ryan is. No. I must insist. I will not talk about the circus of lies he ringmastered during his speech, claiming:

  • that President Obama “closed a GM plant” in Wisconsin that was shuttered during the Bush administration;
  • that the Affordable Care Act steals money from seniors, neatly avoiding the way the plan actually works while dodging the fact that his proposed budget truly does delete almost exactly the same amount of money;
  • that the President is responsible for the downgrading of the U.S. credit rating for the first time in history even though it was the actions of the Republican Controlled House, actions Ryan championed, that were explicitly named as the cause of the downgrade.

No, I shan’t dwell on these and the other lies he told — so many that even the timid mainstream media called them lies in headlines. I must turn elsewhere to two anonymous but certified individuals whose horrific actions got them ejected from the Convention. Individuals whose actions mirror the beliefs of the GOP but made them too blatant even for the four-day ragefest.

CNN confirmed that two Republican delegates were asked to leave the convention after throwing nuts at an African American camera woman while yelling: “This is how we feed animals.”  This despicable behavior is wrong on so many counts, I hardly know where to start on the systemic impact of their actions. I find it alarming that the two delegates found it perfectly acceptable to behave in such a manner at the convention.  While I don’t want to paint the entire GOP with one brush, this incident does nothing to improve the already severely damaged relationship they have with the African American population.  In fact, I would say this incident paints a consistent picture of a rich white boy club that grows more elite, more white, and wealthier with each passing year, a la Clint Eastwood as he delivered his muddled mumblings to an empty chair.

I am exceedingly sad how far we have yet to go towards eradicating racism, homophobia, and misogyny.  I am more and more convinced that the current incarnation of the GOP addresses only the needs of the top 1% of Americans, which means any marginalized population will continue to be further marginalized.


28 Aug

The GOP Owns Your Vagina

Thank you to my friend JoAnna, a fierce advocate for oppressed voices, for inspiring me to write this article. Now that the Republican Platform includes Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” and the repeal of all rights gained by the LGBT community, Tom Smith (R), Senate Candidate from Pennsylvania, is just following his party’s platform when he adds his comments to the overwhelmingly misogynistic tea (Kool Aid). As reported in the Huffington Post, he believes:

Rape is like having a baby out of wedlock… although he condemns Akin’s comment, he agrees with Akin that abortion should be banned without any exceptions, including for rape and incest victims.

How is that disagreeing with Akin? He has been hanging around Romney and Ryan for too long.

I simply do not understand how any woman could vote Republican right now.  The party platform says specifically that they are going to try and overturn Roe v. Wade with their “personhood” amendment.  That “Rape is just like having a child out of wedlock,” “that women can’t get pregnant because of a ‘legitimate’ rape.”   How is this not a War on Women?

I would also beg the question as to how could any self respecting LGBTQ person vote Republican when it is now part of their platform and Romney signed a pledge to:

  • Support and send to the states a federal marriage amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman,
  • Defend DOMA in court,
  • Appoint judges and an attorney general who will respect the original meaning of the Constitution,
  • Appoint a presidential commission to investigate harassment of traditional marriage supporters,
  • Support legislation that would return to the people of D.C. their right to vote for marriage.
  • Repeal all rights gained by the LGBTQ community.

Don’t fear, homos! My friend Jodi Sisson just notified me that Todd (I can’t even spell biology )Akin has hope for you: breast milk cures homosexuality! There’s some science for you.

They may call this the Republican Party, but let’s face it, this is a Fascist Party serving up some noxious tea. Their leadership is the greatest supporting argument for birth control I can think of.

My suggestion for all of these white purportedly heterosexual men wanting full control of every vagina in the land–get castrated!

Death Knell For the Republican Party

26 Aug

That tea bag sure doesn’t cover much…

As the GOP Convention grows ever nearer and the Republican Platform is now in place, I have to reflect and mourn for what was the Republican Party. While I actually probably identify as a socialist, I am, nevertheless, forlorn at the demise of what was the Republican Party, or more specifically in despair at what has replaced the GOP. For those paying attention and not watching Fox (Faux) News, it is painfully clear that ignorant white “christian” racist, homophobic, women hating heterosexuals known as the Tea Party have taken the GOP hostage and have bullied their way into controlling a discourse that affects an entire nation.

I simply cannot understand how any Gay, Black, Latino, Poor, Woman and the myriad other marginalized people would vote for the lying bigots that are Romney and Ryan.  For those who discarded Michele Bachmann, I have to ask, “have you not noticed that she and Ryan are basically twins?”  They have identical voting records: both consistently vote against women, against the LGBT community, against the middle class, and both are millionaires.

Unfortunately, I had to listen to the lying bigot Romeny address an uber conservative population in Ohio and his exact words were: “It is time to get a Republican back in the White House.”  Ick, Ick, Ick!  This is not the sentiment of what is best for Americans, but rather Romney has demonstrated complete partisanship as well as his own pathological narcissism as his driving force.

How embarrassing is it that we have a political party that stands on the principles of hate?  What message does this send to the rest of the world?  Do Romney, Ryan et al have any idea of what the word Fascism means?  Two white (allegedly heterosexual) men making decisions about women’s health and agreeing with Todd (Mr. Misogyny) Akins as well as saying they want to repeal all civil rights gained by the LGBT community, while protecting the 5% of the wealthiest Americans.  Someone please jump in here and help me understand why anyone would vote for these people?  Never mind the loss of the party of Lincoln; this is not the party of Gerald Ford, of Eisenhower, and it most certainly is not even the party of their much heralded Ronald Reagan.  This political party is the party of white right wing religious extremists.  I only hope America is paying attention and not buying into the insurmountable lies from these rancid tea bags.

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