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Wednesday Word of the Week, November 9: Memory

9 Nov

Puzzled Potential Presidential Pachyderm

This week’s word is MEMORY

the power of retaining and recalling past experience — Macmillan Dictionary Online

One more failing of the current crop of GOP Presidential candidates seems to be a lack of this power.

The best example is Pizzaman Herman Cain, the heir-apparent to Clarence Thomas. Facing allegations of sexual harrassment from his time at the National Restaurant Association, Cain has managed to forget the answer to every question asked. One wonders if his next move will be to forget that he ever worked there at all.

Serial flip-flopper Mitt Romney is also a convenient forgetter, and he hopes the Republican electorate will be as well. Universal health care? Might have happened while he was Governor of Masschusetts, but who can recall? In his efforts to pander to every teahadist demand, he reinvents himself daily.

Some examples are more pathetic. Apparently Michele Bachmann forgot she was a crazy woman with a gay husband. Rick Perry forgot that he was an idiot. Newt Gingrich forgot that nobody liked him in the first place. Why would that change now? (Ironically, the pack is so damaged, that even Newt’s fatally damaged craft is rising on the tide of not-those-other-guys.) And they say that elephants never foget…

The prosepct of any of these people becoming president is scarier all the time. Who needs a national leader who forgets the which Korea is our ally? My advice for voters, forget this bunch of losers.

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