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Michigan Endorses Bullying: LGBT Youth Targeted by Religious Groups

7 Nov

Shame on Michigan

Thanks to my dear friend and fierce LGBT ally, Jen Lockett, for inspiring this post.  Michigan has managed to completely turn my stomach in disgust.  The Republican-controlled Senate in Michigan managed to pass a bill that now legalizes bullying of LGBT youth if you claim to be bullying for Jesus.  Yes, it is now okay to torment and torture LGBT kids in the name of religion.  I should take this time to point the audience to a Message From God.

What is worse is that the new law protects both teachers and students to bully LGBT youth.  The mortifying irony is that they have co-opted language and called this the Matt’s Safe School Law. In 2002, Matt Epling committed suicide due to being bullied. Thank goodness for Senator Gretchen Whitmer for calling out this atrocious and bigoted behavior:

You may be able to pat yourselves on the back today and say that you did something…But in actuality you are explicitly outlining how to get away with bullying.

While I’m grateful for the efforts of Senator Whitmer, the sad truth is that now those who truly believe homosexuality is wrong are free to torment classmates consequence-free. Shame on Republican Sen. Rick Jones for sponsoring this bill!

Correlation Between Bachmann’s Homophobia and LGBT Suicides

28 Jul

Ramifications of Bachmann's Homophobia

Thank you to friend and ally Jennifer Lockett for inspiring me to write this story.  For those that follow TSM, you will remember the article about the increase in violence against the LGBT community.   TSM also published an article about the correlation between bullying of LGBT youth and suicide, so it should come as no surprise that there have been nine reported suicides of youth that were either gay or perceived as gay, due to bullying, in Michele Bachmann’s district.

Of course, there is going to be bullying of LGBT youth and gender non-conforming youth in Bachmann’s district. Parents and students in her district are very aware of the homophobia and damage done by the Bachmann family.  Fortunately, the Department of Justice and the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights are investigating the schools in Bachmann’s district.

I worry about all of the kids that see the lack of leadership from Bachmann and how her bigoted views work to deny the civil rights of other humans.  I worry even more that her bigoted views inspire others to bully an already targeted group of kids.  We clearly have not learned how dangerous bigotry can be.

Another Teen Suicide…

15 Mar

I compose this article with great anger and disgust. In the wake of Rep. Mike Harmon from Kentucky pushing for laws to make it legal for “Christian” students to bully gay kids about their sexuality, Nicholas Kelo Jr. took his own life after years of being bullied. Mike Harmon you and all of your other bigoted “christians” have blood on your hands! A 13 year old who was suspected of being gay has taken his own life because of bullies–who would Jesus Bully?  When do we as a nation put a STOP to BULLYING? When do we stop targeting the LGBT community.  John Boehner your defending DOMA contaminates you in a sea of hate as well. I’m afraid my anger over Matthew Franck speaking at Oglethorpe has been reignited as well. I know there are true and really good Christians out there in the world, well now is the time to use your voice! All voices of love, compassion, and courage must drown out the ugly voices of hate and bigotry. Click here to read the full article.

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