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Women’s History, January 30

30 Jan

January 30, 1836, Betsy Ross dies. Ross, best known for making the American Flag, which maybe true and maybe a fable, worked in an upholstery store for 60 years. Ross lost two husbands in the Revolutionary War and her third husband also served in the war. Ross was an abolitionist and started a Quaker Friends House. As to whether she really did make the first American flag, I encourage you to read my friend Marla Miller’s book, Betsy Ross and the Making of America. I had the privilege of working with Marla in the summer of 2003.  Marla teaches American History at the University of Mass. at Amherst.

Betsy Ross: Made the First American Flag (?)

Happy Birthday, Barbara Tuchman. Tuchman, best known for her book, The Guns of August, a history of the prelude to and first month of World War I and won a Pulitzer Prize. Tuchman was a self-trained historian.

Quote of the day:

    Honor wears different coats to different eyes.–Barbara Tuchman
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