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Nominees for Bigot of the Year Award, 2010

24 Dec

What a Festival of Fools for this year’s list of nominees–a true embarrassment of riches (?), I suppose.  Looking at the list, one wonders what type of culture we have established in the United States.  Next Monday, I will start with number five and end with the number one bigot on Friday. Here is the Top 10 list of nominees for the dubious honor, Bigot of the Year Award:

They are voting now…

18 Dec

The Senate is now voting on whether to repeal DADT.  Debate has now ended.  Let us all hope they do the right thing and abide by the conditions they (McCain) imposed–the “Impact Study,” which proved that now is the time to repeal DADT.  I am tired of being marginalized!  I’m tired of watching LGBTQ youth kill themselves for feeling bullied and less than human.  Repealing DADT will send the message that we are gaining equality!  Why do you get to decide what I’m allowed to have?  We cannot allow terrorist like John McCain to win.

DADT: Health Hazards

3 Dec

Thanks to my friend Madeleine for sharing this story.  As the bigots still focus on if us homos are allowed to serve openly in the military, there are some very serious health issues involved if they do not repeal DADT.  Dr. Kenneth Katz points to a real problem:

The problem with “don’t ask, don’t tell” is that it’s a giant roadblock in the middle of the typical “ask” and “tell” encounter that’s absolutely essential to the effective practice of medicine. It’s like trying to take care of a patient with chest pain without being able to ask him whether he smokes, or has a history of heart disease, or has ever had a heart attack in the past. It’s not good medicine.

Can you imagine being afraid to seek medical help because you may be “outed,” and thus lose your job–be discharged from the military.  Where is the honor in that?  Again, Senator McCain, or McCarthy, is this not why we fought wars was to protect civil rights of all of our citizens?  Isn’t your job to protect all of us, not just the white hetero Christians.  Honestly, how did you get elected?

See the full article here.

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