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Late Night with Stephen Colbert (?)

13 Apr

late-night-talk-show-hotsI subscribe to the New York Times on-line. Twice this week I received notifications that there was breaking news. My fear was that the “Breaking News” was something about the United Soviet Socialist Republic restructuring and that the Ukraine was now part of the New USSR — shades of Uncle Joe Stalin.  But, no. The breaking news was that David Letterman had announced when he would retire from Late Night with David Letterman.  This news was then followed up a few days later that Stephen Colbert was the appointed heir apparent.

So now we have witnessed two major late night television shows that have recently replaced their hosts.  I have nothing ill to say about either Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert. What does sadden me is that we have all now experienced continued white heterosexual male domination in who we can see for late night television. Was there a dramatic shortage of  LGBT folk and women and of people of color, thus the only population to pull from to fill these two spots was white heterosexual men?

I am exceedingly sad here because I can think of a number of amazingly talented and exceedingly witty potential hosts who are black and or women.  Why not replace Letterman with Arsenio Hall? He already has a proven track record as a host of late night TV.  Why not give the phenomenally talented Mo Gaffney a try? I am hard pressed to think of someone who is equally witty.  Speaking of witty and amazing, what about Whoopi Goldberg?  What about Julia Sweeney — another personal favorite of mine, or Chelsea Handler who is leaving her late night show on E. I wonder if either network even thought about giving one of these shows to our Margaret Cho? Even the charming Neil Patrick Harris was floated as a possibility, but I guess gay folk only get to host daytime talk.

Sadly, NBC and CBS have already made their respective decisions — decisions that have demonstrated that Late Night Television is reserved for white heterosexual men only. I wonder when this glass ceiling will be broken.

Women’s History Month 2012: Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy

23 Mar

They say you can judge a person’s character by the company she keeps. If that’s true, it says wonderful things about today’s dual celebration. Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy are more than just famous friends, they are comedians, feminists, activists, and humanitarians and I must confess I absolutely love them!

Mo Gaffney was born in 1958 in San Diego. She started a career in comedy young and has appeared in numerous television shows. She is particularly well known for her appearances on Absolutely Fabulous (where she steals many an episode) and That 70s Show. She has also hosted a TV chat show, Women Aloud, on Comedy Central.

Kathy Najimy was also born in San Diego, in 1957. Her best-known television roles are on Veronica’s Closet and King of the Hill. She has appeared in many movies, lending them her quirky charm, with her breakout role coming in 1992’s Sister Act. She was chosen as woman of the year by Ms.magazine in 2005.

Both women are outspoken activists and advocates. They participate in activities supporting women’s rights, LGBT equality, reproductive choice, positive body image, fighting racism, and opposing pointless wars. Close friends, they have performed three shows together: Parallel Lives, The Dark Side, and Afterbirth. The first two both won Obie awards. A broadcast of The Dark Side won two Cable Ace awards.  If you want to see true activism that is brilliantly executed with extraordinary wit, I strongly encourage you to rent or buy the dvd, The Kathy and Mo Show Parallel Lives/ The Dark Side. I saw this years ago with my husband and just fell in love with both women.  Here is a lovely clip of the Kathy and Mo Show and how they do a marvelous job with humor addressing the intersections of oppression.  Mo and Kathy, it is an honor to celebrate you during Women’s History Month!

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