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The Sanctity of Marriage…

2 Mar

Normal Married Couple

Today marks the anniversary of my nine year marriage to my husband. We have been together for twelve years, and married for nine. I write this article in response to my rage against those that say there is nothing sacred about same sex marriage–that takes more than gall; it takes profound ignorance, fear, and bigotry. As I look at the wonderfully successful heterosexual marriage of Britney Spears and television shows like The Bachelor, where women are treated as objects and these “bachelors” can pick one as if they were at a cafeteria. I am enraged at the hypocrisy of people like Newt Gingrich and all of his successful marriages, opposing marriage equality.  I am enraged at people claiming that my marriage/partnership is anything less than a normal committed union between two loving and compassionate souls. For those that are preaching about the “sanctity of marriage, why don’t you outlaw divorce!

I really hate women, blacks, and gays!

It is further irritating to now hear that John ( I will thwart the American People at every turn) Boehner is consulting with bigots like Rick (The P is silent) Santorum about hiring a special counsel to defend DOMA.  Take action against these bigots here.  Really, Boehner? So instead of creating jobs, or decreasing the rising unemployment rate, you want to attack women, the poor, and the LGBT community.

Frankly, I’m really tired of being treated as a second class citizen, with over 1,100 rights that my heterosexual peers are entitled to that I am not. Again, this is a civil rights issue–not an issue “let’s take a poll and see if people think the LGBT community deserve equal civil rights.”  My husband and I have a MARRIAGE! We love each other, we support each other, we make each other laugh and cry. We are there for each other during extraordinarily difficult times and good times. When I fell off of our roof ten years ago, and Robert thought I was dead, he stood by me and took off work for two weeks to stay with me in the hospital as they tried to put me back together.  When we moved across the country because Georgia had passed such virulent anti-gay laws and I had a horrible time trying to get used living in the Northwest, we stuck together.

Today we celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary and You don’t get to say what we are allowed to have! I hope within my lifetime that the voices of love, compassion,and courage will drown out the nasty ugly voices of hate and bigotry.

Helping People in the Pacific Northwest…

9 Dec

In the wake of a disappointing and unfair admonishment from President Obama, this message from my friend Susan Stoltenberg is even more important.  Please look at this message for ImpactNW.

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