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National Coming Out Day: Why This Year Matters Even More Than Ever

11 Oct

National Coming Out Day

October 11 marks National Coming Out Day.  For those of you who had any questions regarding my sexual orientation, allow me to put all questions to rest.  I’m a very proud gay man.  One might ask, so what? Why announce it? Why do I insist on being so visible? Why do we need a National Coming Out Day?

I cannot underscore enough the importance of being out and visible.  The more visible we are as a community, the more difficult it is to marginalize us and treat us as sub-human, or second class citizens, denied over a 1,000 rights that our heterosexual brothers and sisters are granted just for being heterosexual.

This year it matters more than ever. The presidential election shows a stark divide. On one hand we have a party of incremental progress led by a President who has done more for the LGBT community than all his predecessors put together; on the other, a mendacious chameleon who signs pledges to use tax dollars to defend DOMA and to REVOKE civil rights for the LGBT community leading a party whose platform is even more aggressive and inhuman. This isn’t a matter of “single issue voting,” it is a matter of basic human rights and dignity. How can anyone — regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, or sexual orientation — place their faith in a candidate and a party who have proved that American citizens don’t matter, only power and privilege. If you know and love ANYONE who is LGBT — and trust me, you do — a vote for Romney and the Republicans is a fundamental betrayal of what this country stands for.

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