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New GOP Chairman: Oregon Bucks the Trend Again

26 Jan

Reasonable Repbulican

This week the Oregon Republican Party selected Allen Alley as their new Chair. After the frightening choices made recently to lead the New Hampshire GOP and the Republican National Committee, it was heartening to see our home state select a voice of reason to lead a major political party. Alley, co-founder of semiconductor company Pixelworks, is a well-spoken, experienced businessman. He has nearly a decade of experince in public service as well, having served in econonmic capacities for Oregon’s last two governors. It is definitely worth noting that both Governors were Democrats; this speaks highly of Alley’s ability to work across partisan divides and focus on what’s good for the state.

Alley is a fiscal conservative who has run for public office twice, losing the race for Treasurer in 2008 and losing the GOP primary for Governor last year. His campaigns have focused heavily on ecomonic growth and fiscal stability. A look at his campaign website from last year’s gubernatorial run shows that he is moderate on hot-button GOP issues, being vocally pro-choice and supporting Oregon’s domestic partnerships for LGBT couples.

As you may remember, Oregon was one of the few states largely untouched by the Republican wave during last November’s midterm elections, re-electing all four Democratic Congressmen, a Democratic Senator, and a returning Democratic Governor. It’s nice to see the Oregon GOP respond by picking someone bright, talented, and reasonable rather than brewing up a cup of bitter tea.

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