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Number 3 Bigot of the Year Award 2011: The Ruling Class

30 Dec

Number 3 Bigot of 2011

The Ruling Class or what is now better known as the 1% of Americans who control both the power and distribution of wealth in the United States received many nominations.  I think Sara, a regular TSM reader, put it best when she said:

…the U.S. Ruling Class, which upholds and promotes white, male heterosexual patriarchy throughout the world — at the point of a gun where it can get away with it and with pious proclamations of patriotism and self-righteousness at home. Shamelessly!

I will add to what Sara said and talk more specifically about the distribution of wealth and power in the United States and disproportionality.

ONE % of the population controls 47% of the net financial wealth of the country; the next 19% control another 44% of the wealth, which leaves 80% of the population of the country to try and get a share of the only 9% remaining wealth and resources available–not exactly a wise distribution of power.

The grossly disproportionate distribution of wealth aligns directly to the distribution of power. It is not a great surprise that the 1% is composed of mostly white, heterosexual men who identify as Christian. What is sad is that this 1% is clearly out of touch with at least 80% of the population of the country.  What is worse, is that there is a growing trend of much of the 80% voting against their best interest, due to fear rooted in religion.

It is not a big surprise that our current House of Representatives is composed primarily of the top 2% that hold wealth and power and continue to vote against women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigration rights, and yet call themselves patriots.  The currently Republican-controlled House of Representatives also put up barriers for average Americans by trying to block President Obama’s payroll tax cuts.  These are the same group of avarice that threw temper tantrums to protect the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% of Americans and demanded full health care–damn the rest of Americans who cannot afford health insurance.

The Ruling Class should be known as the class of  “I have mine–I don’t give a damn about anyone else,” now that is the American way!  It is easy to see why the Ruling Class in the United States earns the #3 Bigot of the Year Award for 2011.

Flashback to 2010:The Number 3 Bigot of 2010 was shared by NOM and Iowa Voters.

Bigot of the Week Award: December 23, John Boehner

23 Dec

Bigot of the Week

Well, Boehner finally blinked!  Yes, after all of his self-righteousness and sanctimony over protecting the Bush tax cuts for the top 1% of Americans, he and his fellow 1%ers in the House were unwilling to extend Payroll tax cuts to the average American.  Hypocrisy’s Poster Child is John Boehner.

What caused Boehner to finally blink and agree to extending the Payroll tax cuts? Some type of Epiphany, some enlightenment, some type of moral decency breaking through? No, I fear not.  You know you are in trouble when the likes of Mitch McConnell and the “Bag of Crazy” John McCain are calling for cooperation from the Republicans.  Yes, Boehner did the right thing to save his posterior and for no other reason.  Kudos to President Obama for his response to the bellicose bigot, Boehner, during a phone call when Boehner told the President he would not compromise, “so what should we do,” to which President Obama responded, “pass the bill.” While $40. a paycheck is nothing to Boehner and his cronies, it is a matter of having enough food, or medication for many Americans.

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