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Bigot of the Week Award: August 16, International Olympic Committee

16 Aug

SochiBoycottThanks to my friend and fierce LGBT ally Jennifer Carey for inspiring me to write this article. SJFA readers will remember the story about the violent homophobia in Russia right now, but I fear It Gets Worse. Now all athletes who show any type of solidarity for their LGBT brothers and sisters will be punished by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  My how very 19th Century of the IOC.  It is as if the history of the persecution of folks with the pink triangle by the Nazis during WWII never happened.

The IOC, in a very Gestapo like manner, declared that anyone trying to make it safe for LGBT athletes, “Any participant who steps out of line may be punished, not by the Russians but by Olympic chiefs themselves.”  The IOC is calling upon Rule 50 from the Olympic Charter which states that the Olympics is not for political or religious propaganda — and here we have the blatant hypocrisy.  All the folks spouting their religious hate are facing no consequences, but those trying to ensure the emotional and physical safety of other human beings are being arrested and punished. How sad that the IOC willfully suffers the delusion that promoting human rights is a “political” agenda.

Do we need to be worried that Putin seems obsessed with us gay folk? Do he and Scott Lively need to finally announce their “love that dare not speak its name.”   I find it ironic that Putin the dictator of Russia is willing to grant political asylum to Edward Snowden, but then tortures LGBT folk.  Yes, for those not reading the newspapers, LGBT teens in Russia are being tortured.

Sadly, the United States cannot approach this issues from a place of innocence. Most part of the southern United States and even parts here in Oregon LGBT folk have to live their lives in fear.  We do not get to claim righteous indignation and moral superiority over Putin and his homophobic merry band of haters and fear mongers, for we have the same closet cases here in our own backyard.

Call to action: Yes, I fully support boycotting the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, but I would also ask that all of us that are committed to social justice stand in solidarity with ALL of our LGBT brothers and sisters around the world: Russia, the United States, Uganda, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe.


Bigot of the Week Award: June 1, Pastor Curtis Knapp

1 Jun

Bigot of the Week

This past month certainly has assembled a Preacher’s Hall of Shame! Two came from North Carolina. First we had Sean Harris telling parents to break their sons’ wrists if they got “too limp.” Then the vile Charles Worley endorsed death camps for LGBT Americans, much to the delight of his congregation. Now we have Pastor Curtis Knapp (of Kansas, for a change) taking things to their horrific “final solution”. He wants the government to put gays and lesbians to death.

They should be put to death. That’s what happened in Israel. That’s why homosexuality wouldn’t have grown in Israel. It tends to limit conversions. It tends to limit people coming out of the closet.

REALLY? And the far right says that all they want is to maintain their religious freedom? Big Ole Closet Queen Knapp clearly demonstrates that the agenda is as despicable as it gets. Just to prove he meant it, he doubled down on the hate in an interview with CNN.

We punish pedophilia. We punish incest. We punish polygamy and various things. It’s only homosexuality that is lifted out as an exemption.

As crazy icing on his crapcake, he also said that George W. Bush, the man who campaigned on marriage inequality, was “too tolerant” of LGBT Americans. This is a dangerous, scary man.  Who will be next on Knapp’s hate list and sentenced off to the death camps?

A Love to Hide: How Americans Forget History

13 Nov

A Love to Hide

In the wake of Herman Cain laughing at Anita Hill and calling black people racist if they did not support him, in the wake of Republican Presidential candidates signing a pledge to further discriminate against the LGBT community, it is clear that Americans tend to conveniently forget the lessons we were to have learned from history.

Last night my husband and I had dinner and watched a movie (part of the gay agenda).  We watched the French film A Love to Hide, based on the book Moi, Pierre Seel, déporté homosexuel by Pieere Seel.  The movie tells the story of two lovers who are gay hiding a young Jewish woman during the Nazi Third Reich, or the Third Holy Roman Empire (gentle reminder that Hitler, who was elected Chancellor of Germany believed that it was the will of God to perform ethnic cleansing).  The movie is reminiscent of Martin Sherman’s 1979 play Bent, which depicts the persecution of gays during Nazi Germany.  Bent was turned into a movie in 1997.

The movie, A Love to Hide, was a very difficult watch, but a most necessary one if you believe, as I do, that we must never forget the atrocities we are capable of performing. I reflected on the Holocaust of the Native Americans, and then the Holocaust of the Jews and Gays, which brought me to the current crop of Republican Presidential candidates in the United States.  I wonder if any of them have picked up a history book? Probably safe to say that Bachmann and Perry can’t even spell history.

I strongly recommend you watch both A Love to Hide, and Bent, and read two of my favorite books: Stones From the River, and The Book Thief.  After reading these books and watching these movies there is no way one can justify voting for a political monster that runs on a platform of hate and discrimination, which are the two basic tenets that bind the Republican party.

Why We Need to Remember Gad Beck: Holocaust Survivor

20 Aug

Gay Jew Holocaust Survivor

I want to thank my friend and TSM correspondent, Brad Fairchild, for inspiring me to write this story. Sadly, TSM had reported the loss of Rudolph Brazda as the last gay man remaining survivor of the Holocaust . Apparently, Brazda was not the last survivor. Fortunately, the Dallas Holocaust Museum has tracked down Gad Beck, another gay Holocaust survivor.

Beck was featured in the documentary Paragraph 175, a film that chronicles the lives of gay men and lesbians during the Nazi regime–giving birth to labeling us with the pink triangle.  Beck was born to a Jewish father and German mother.  While living in Berlin, Beck helped Jews escape to Switzerland between 1940 and 1944.  Being gay, Beck was also able to gain the trust of  non-Jews.  Sadly, in 1945, a Gestapo spy betrayed Beck and had him sent to a Jewish transit camp–a camp from which people were then sent to concentration, work, or death camps.

Fortunately, Beck survived the concentration camp and eventually published his autobiography, An Underground Life: Memoirs of a Gay Jew in Nazi Berlin.  In his memoir, Beck describes the painful separation from his then lover.  One should note that Beck was sent to the camps for being a Jew, where as Brazda was sent to the camps for being gay. I presume that Beck was able to pass as straight.

I’m so very glad that Beck is still with us and hope there might be other LGBT Holocaust survivors whom we don’t know about yet. I, for one, would welcome the opportunity to record their histories.  In a time where right wing extremists have taken control of the Republican party, we must not forget the history of the Holocaust.  It is all too conceivable that Bachmann and Perry could design another atrocity against the LGBT community.  If you have not seen Paragraph 175, I strongly encourage you to rent it.  It is not a trip to chuckle town, but it is a necessary documentary to watch!

I am very interested in recording the history of  LGBT Holocaust survivors; please let me know if you are aware of any.

Bombing of Hiroshima: Lessons We Have Yet to Learn

6 Aug

Remembering Hiroshima

Today marks the 66th anniversary of the United States dropping an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima.  When I reflect back on WWII and the reasons for the war, I am not only saddened by the horrific number of lives lost in both the Pacific and European theaters, but I am rather disgusted that many Americans have lost sight of why we fought in WWII.

We entered the Pacific Theater only when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, never mind that they were killing thousands of Chinese before this.  People probably won’t want me to bring up the fact that here in the United States we kept thousands of Japanese-Americans detained in interment camps, as well as Americans who “looked” Japanese.

It does not seem that long ago when I was watching 60 minutes at my step-mother’s house and they were showing the horrible effects of the bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 30 years after the bombings.  People were dying from leukemia caused by radiation poisoning from the atomic bombs.  For those that have not read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, I strongly encourage you to do so.

In the European Theater, we were trying to stop the unimaginable Holocaust and the 11 million deaths resulting from the Nazis. As a side note, one should mention that Rudolf Brazda died Wednesday.  Brazda is believed to be the last surviving man to wear the pink triangle — the emblem homosexuals had to wear and that were sent to Nazi concentration camps, most of them sent to their deaths.

We entered the war to fight back the cloak of Naziism and Fascism.  We considered ourselves to be better than the oppressors we were fighting.  The irony is palpable when you think about our government today and about The Teahadists, who think like, behave like, speak like, Fascists.  I mean really, who signs a pledge to commit to hurting a population–to promise to discriminate against an already marginalized and bullied people?  Well, now four of the Republican Presidential candidates have signed that pledge.

It seems painfully obvious that we have not learned the lessons of history.  As the Teahadists follow in the footsteps of the former President worked hard to move the United States into a Theocracy, the original notion of religious freedom seems to be conveniently forgotten in the face of Bachmann et al. purporting to want to return to the “original constitution.”  Is there just one brain that all the Republican candidates have to share and they can’t keep up with whose turn it is?

Today, as I remember all the lives lost specifically in Hiroshima, and the current path of the government in the United States, I shall endeavor to make a thousand paper cranes in the hope that our elected officials know history and know how to lead with compassion, integrity, and with the interest of the American people guiding them, not just white heterosexual christians, but ALL of the American people.

Bigot of the Week Award: March 4

4 Mar

"Jesus said bully the homos."

Tea Party’s favorite tea bag in Kentucky, Rep. Mike Harmon, wants to make it legal for “Christian” students to bully gay kids about their sexuality.  Harmon’s act of unmitigated hate earns his this week’s BWA. Who would Jesus bully and hate?  How proud the people of Kentucky must be. Not only do they have Rand Paul, but now Mike Harmon as well. What’s next for the state of Kentucky? Will they just start wearing their White Hoods in public? Will they reinstate slavery? Force all the homos to wear pink triangles? Sounds like an ideal place for Bobby Franklin to live. Click here to see the full article.

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