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America’s Attack on Women: Margaret Atwood’s America

4 Feb

I am profoundly saddened at how our elected officials, our civil servants, are attacking women’s rights in their attempt to redefine rape–they are clearly coming from the misogynistic school of Ken Buck.  Buck, the Coloradan that told rape victims they “had buyers remorse.”  How sad to see the Speaker of the House, who met with Randall Terry, supporting this redefining of rape and refusing health care to women. I’m not seeing Boehner shedding any tears for those women that cannot afford health care or those women that will have to put their health at risk if they should chose to have an abortion.  The radical right no longer believe the following qualify as rape: date rape, rape occurring as a result of being drugged by a perpetrator, while a woman is intoxicated or asleep, after consent has been withdrawn or while a woman does her best not to get further injured or killed?  Can this be possible?  Who voted these people into office? Oh, that’s right the American people.  Is Serena Joy running the country now?  Click here to see the full story and TO TAKE ACTION.

The Prophetic Margaret Atwood

Anti-Choice Terrorist, Randall Terry to Run for President

26 Jan

Yes, as hard to believe as it may be, all of the crazies are coming out to help America devolve–can you say: The Lord of the Flies? Randall Terry, with the homo son, is nothing less than a terrorist.  Operation Rescue’s Head, Randall Terry said, referring to doctors that perform abortions:

 We are going to shame them, humiliate them, disgrace them,
and expose them.

Two weeks before the murder of Dr. David Gunn on March 10, Terry proclaimed:

Intolerance is a beautiful thing. We are going to make their lives hell.

Click here to see the full article. Now, in front of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., Terry has announced he will run for President.  Lest we forget that Boehner gave a private audience to Terry.  See the full article here.  I don’t know who to fear more, Randall Terry, or the people that would support this terrorist.  I’m sure all of you remember that George Tiller, a doctor that performed abortions, was shot down at his church.  Operation Rescue–interesting way of preserving life.

Terrorist Randall Terry of Operation Rescue--Interesting Way to Preserve Life

38th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

22 Jan

We Must Stand United to Protect Women's Rights

January 22, 1973 marks a major victory for women in the United States.  The Unites States Supreme Court recognized the right of women to make personal, private medical decisions and control their bodies and their reproductive health, just as men have always been in control of their own bodies.  While I am taking a small spot of time to celebrate this anniversary, I must confess much of my day today will be consumed in battling those that are trying to restrict or repeal Roe v. Wade.

Unfortunately, just two days ago, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) introduced legislation to end insurance coverage of abortion and drastically undermine women’s health.  In fact, Republicans all over the country, in states such as Ohio, Florida, Kansas and many more, are pushing for abortion curbs.  See the full article in the NYT here. This is unacceptable.  Wealthy women will always find a safe way to have an abortion while poor women will be forced to risk their own lives in back alleys.  Even our current Speaker of the House, John (Fake and Bake) Boehner is granting private audiences to right wing extremist Randall Terry.  Terry has been a long supporter of violence against doctors who perform abortions and violence against women.

I also feel compelled here to talk about language and the importance of words.  The term pro-life is just a spin and myth!  It no longer holds meaning because it has been manipulated by right-wing conservatives.  Many people who are pro-choice are equally pro-life; one does not preclude the other.  How ironic that Randall Terry who is vehemently anti-choice  and calls himself “pro-life” advocates killing abortion doctors–that’s an interesting way of preserving life.  Shame on the media for continuing to use the term pro-life, rather than the more accurate anti-choice.  Even the Huffinton Post has used the term pro-life.  Can we please be more honest about the language we use?

Today we celebrate 38 years of a woman’s right to choose and to have control over her own body.  We still have a long way to go to ensure that women in this country retain those rights.

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