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The Many Voices in Paul LePage’s Head

21 Jan

Great idea! I will shut down the public schools!

While I have never thought Paul LePage was a good human being, I am now worried that he really has something organically wrong that further precludes him from being qualified to maintain the office of Governor.

Yesterday, LePage, in his typical partisan bullying voice, declared:

And I’ll go one step further, if they can modify it–and a lot of Democrats still think we’re fooling around and we’re making political hay here. Right now, in order to continue the way we are, I will close schools May 1 and use that money. Because that’s where we are.

Shall interject some facts here?  LePage has been all about protecting the 1% of the wealthiest Americans and now it looks like he is refusing to raise taxes to sustain education.  Of course, by keeping a population ignorant we can ensure they vote against their best interests.

Emily Cain, the House Democratic Leader, said:

LePage is presenting a choice that isn’t on the table. It’s not realistic to simply say you can just close schools. It’s hardly worth even discussing, because that’s really not what we’re deciding between. It’s a very dramatic–and I think a dangerous–fear-mongering approach.

Sadly, we just have further evidence that LePage has been drinking some rancid Tea at the party.  We can only hope Maine will go the way of Wisconsin right now.  One thing for sure is that we have to get rid of these misogynistic, racist, homophobic, bigoted elected officials.

Florida: Now You Are Surprised by Rick Scott?

10 Mar

Please refer to me as King Scott.

While I am bemused by the current rage of Americans and the backlash of the GOP over reaching with hidden agendas, I am somewhat despondent that people in Arizona, Maine, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, and Florida are surprised with what they got. Were none of you paying attention? Georgia and Florida elected criminals as governors–does not say much for either state. Yes, Floridians are now shocked that Scott is making unilateral decisions without working with the legislature.  Why are you surprised? You elected a man that was forced to resign as CEO from a healthcare organization Columbia/HCA, for systematic fraud including 14 felonies–and you are surprised by how he is governing? Really? I hope you all take some inspiration from the people in Wisconsin.  Here is a small example of how Scott sees his job as a civil servant:

The governor doesn’t understand there is a State Constitution and that we have three branches of government,” said State Senator Mike Fasano, a Republican from New Port Richey who upset Mr. Scott with rough handling of his staff during a testy committee hearing. “They are talking about the attitude that he is still the C.E.O. of his former health care corporation, and that is not going to work in this state, in Tallahassee, in my district. The people believe in three branches of government.

So who earns the Worst Governor Award?  I point you all to a great article from a fellow blogger–click here. I hope the Power of the People will Prevail and we will see a trend of Recalling Politicians that put their needs ahead of the People’s.

Total Recall: Power of the People

7 Mar


As the sun is out shining here in Portland, Oregon, I am comforted by the news in Arizona and Wisconsin. If you follow this blog, you have endured my rants against Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona.  Yes, there is actually hope in Arizona now. While the gun loving Brewer went on vacation in Alaska, (I think she and Palin are sharing a brain) the people of Arizona started to collect the necessary signatures to recall Brewer. 423,000 signatures are needed by the end of May to force a full recall–hard for me not to smile. Click here to see the full article.

But wait, there is more good news. As the Koch Brothers are paying for people to be bussed in to support Scott Walker, there is growing support to recall this piece of work as well. Is anyone else simply amazed at the amount of money tossed about all over the country by the Koch Brothers for their GOP agenda? Click here to see the Koch money trying to protect Scott Walker. Regardless of the money and efforts of the Koch Brothers, momentum is building to recall Governor Walker.  Speak Truth to Power!

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