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Bigot of the Week Award: December 9, Rick Perry

9 Dec

Bigot of the Week

Just as it looked like Rick Perry (Mr. Snap on Hair) had become totally irrelevant in the GOP Presidential election cycle, he created a new ad that wins him this week’s BWA. Trailing badly in the polls, Perry decided to tack even farther to the right, releasing this nasty 30 seconds of homophobia and irrational babbling. After saying “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian,” he launches into a bizarre comparison of the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with the so-called “War on Christmas.” You know the only thing those things have in common, Rick? Civil rights for all Americans and the separation of church and state are both enshrined in our Constitution. You should have someone read it to you some time. If by some chance this horrific pandering to the Teahadists pays off, let’s remember what a Perry Presidency might look like—bless his heart!

As an antidote to this asshat, enjoy this very smart parody.  As a further lovely tonic to such a schmuck, my friends and huge LGBT allies Jennifer and Misti inspired me to do Perry as the bigot and and include the delightful parody.

Bigot of the Week: November 25, The Salvation Army

25 Nov

Bigot of the Week

It’s that time of year again. As the holiday season gets fully underway, the Salvation Army bell ringers take over store entryways across the country. Don’t be fooled. While many of the smiling people wishing you cheer as they ask for your change may have the best of intentions, the organization they want you to donate to is not just another charity. The Salvation Army is an evangelical religious sect that denies services to millions of Americans.

The Salvation Army is rabidly anti-gay. Before offering any services to LGBT people in need, the Army subjects them to sermons and lectures. They insist that established couples renounce each other before they can receive care. This nasty group is also very anti-choice, insisting that pregnant women not seek abortions if they want services, regardless of what is best for the woman (Kind of like Jesus if he were one of the Koch Brothers).

Beyond this hostility to individuals, the Salvation Army is also an aggressive lobbying organization: they have tried (unsuccessfully, fortunately) to overturn or get exemptions from equal access and non-discrimination laws in multiple jurisdictions around the world. In a fit of petulance unbecoming a charitable organization, they have even threatened to close soup kitchens in New York City rather than abide by local non-discrimination laws. How very Christian of them. Who would Jesus hate?

This is a season when many people think more actively of giving and want to be charitable. Please honor those instincts, but don’t contribute to organizations that practice hate and bigotry. If you want to find the best place to make your contributions, try the Charity Navigator; if you want to get more actively involved, there are dozens of ways you can give to all of your community. When it comes to those shrill bells, red pots, and artificial smiles? Take some advice from Burt Bacharach and walk on by.

Common Thread of Evil…With a Kicker

11 Aug

Evil or Good

As I and many others were mortified at the behavior of the Republican Presidential candidates who signed a pledge to discriminate against the LGBT community and women in the name of religion, I felt compelled to look at the common denominator of hate, discrimination, misogyny, wars, and prejudice.

Yes, the common denominator is religion.  Let us go back to the late part of the 11th Century and the First Crusade; this was not about god. The Crusade was a reaction to politics and the power of the Catholic Church being divided between east and west.  The Pope was worrying about loss of control and trying to heal the split.  The Middle Class figured out they could deal directly with Muslims for commerce and eliminate the middleman of the eastern empire.  Granted, this is a .25 cent version of the First Crusade, but the killing of Muslims here was not about god, it was about money and power.

Let us jump to the 15th Century and The Inquisition.  Oh, those madcaps.  Those whacky Catholics again, just providing “tough love for heretics,” Jews, Muslims, and anyone not willing to convert to Catholicism.  I’m sure that the monarchy making a huge profit from all of the confiscated booty from said “heretics” was just a strange coincidence.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and President Bush listening to the voice of God:

I am driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, ‘George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan’. And I did. And then God would tell me ‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq’. And I did.

Not only did W. wage a war domestically against the LGBT community, but apparently god told him to wage war around the world, damn the facts and countless lives lost.  During the Bush years we witnessed repeated assaults on the LGBT community and women’s reproductive rights by Cheney and Rove. We were the perfect scapegoats to steal the attention from the fact that the nation was starting a recession that would see no end, while King George was treating the Constitution as though it were toilet paper. Rove, Cheney, and Bush paved the way for what would become the nightmare Tea Party.

Today, we have Teahadists like Bachmann and her ignorant crew that are using religion to continue to vilify the LGBT community–damned be the AMA and APA and their recommendations to support marriage equality.  Let us not forget John Boehner leading the campaign to spend tax payer money to defend DOMA.  Are we then to presume that god prefers war and killing over love and peace?

Here is the real KICKER!  While I do not subscribe to any organized religion, I do firmly believe that we will need to engage and enlist the support of those that are religious if we intend to see any significant progress in civil rights.  I look to the voices of Dr. King, Coretta Scott King, and Bishop Gene Robinson to help move conversations around women’s rights and LGBT rights in a healthy and productive direction. The war for treating all humans equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, and gender identity can only succeed if we hear the voices of our religious brothers and sisters joining the chorus of voices fighting to beat back the specter of Fascism.

Who Would Jesus Hate?

24 Jun

Who Would Jesus Hate?

If you have been following TSM for any length of time, it is clear I do not subscribe to or support any type of organized religion. However, I try to be supportive of friends and family that do get something out of belonging to an organized religion. When I am harsh in my articles about the many religious bigots, it is to expose the hypocrisy and show unacceptable  their behavior is.  I suppose it makes so much more sense to worry about us homos than to worry about the sustainability of our planet, or about the increasing number of homeless.

My friend Tim, shared this story with me and I thought it only right to expose yet more bad behavior from a leader within the Southern Baptist Church.  Albert Mohler is the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He recently said: “that Southern Baptists need to repent of a “form of homophobia” that keeps gays and lesbians out of their churches.”  When I first read this, I was hopeful and thought wow, maybe there is some progress for the Southern Baptists, an organization that former President Jimmy Carter walked away from due to its misogyny and homophobia.

The first couple of paragraphs of this article threw me for a loop and I had to read the entire article and then re-read it to really glean the hate and bigotry being spewed here.  Mohler goes on to say:

Evangelicals, thankfully, have failed to take the liberal trajectory of lying about homosexuality and its sinfulness,” Mohler said. “We know that the Bible clearly declares – not only in isolated verses but in the totality of its comprehensive presentation – the fact that homosexuality not only is not God’s best for us, as some try to say, but it is sin…We have said to people that homosexuality is just a choice,” Mohler said. “It’s clear that it’s more than a choice. That doesn’t mean it’s any less sinful, but it does mean it’s not something people can just turn on and turn off. We are not a gospel people unless we understand that only the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ gives a homosexual person any hope of release from homosexuality.

Does this smack of “Reparative Therapy”?  Reparative therapy which has been denounced by the AMA.  So if us homos can’t “get straight” then we will always be “sinners” but you are happy to help us with this and take our money as a tithe if we go to church?  Am I getting this correct?  Mr. Mohler, why are you thinking so much about homosexuality? Are there no more pressing issues that the church could concentrate on currently?  Perhaps stopping wars? Stopping bullying? Teaching Love?  While I hate to direct any traffic to this site, I do need to offer the source of this information.  Click here to read the full article.

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