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Hero of the Week Award: September 23, Elizabeth Warren

23 Sep

Hero of the Week

This week Elizabeth Warren really stood out amongst her peers and showed true leadership, when addressing a crowd and talking about the deficit and fair taxation.  Her video/speech earns her this week’s HWA.  If she does not win the Senate seat in Massachusetts, I fear this is a bad harbinger for the country.

Here is a part of Warren’s speech regarding taxation and class warfare:

I hear all this, you know, “Well, this is class warfare, this is whatever.”—No!
There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.
You built a factory out there—good for you! But I want to be clear.
You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.
You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate.
You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for.
You didn’t have to worry that maurauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did.
Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea—God bless. Keep a big hunk of it.
But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.

I love this speech and I love that she refers to the Social Contract. Here is my enormous fear: I worry there are too few Americans who know what the Social Contract is and have never heard of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  I so wish Americans knew history; it sure would save a lot of time, anguish, and lives if we did.  Click here to see  the video of our Warren, provided by “Voice of the Trailer.”

I also have to give an honorable mention to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL).  Ros-Lehtinen is the first Republican to have the social courage and integrity to break from her party and sponsor legislation repealing DOMA.  Our Ros-Lehtinen is a wonderful straight ally.

Honorable LGBT Ally

Discharging Clinton’s Legacy

20 Sep

Repealed after 18 years

Today is a significant moment in the Civil Rights movement for the LGBT community.  While I am happy that today marks the end of the military’s  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy, I can’t help but worry about how slowly the wheels of progress move and how safe our LGBT brothers and sisters will actually be from their own ranks.

18 years ago, it was President Clinton who capitulated to the Republican bullies and instituted the DADT policy.  Let us not forget the chief bullies that played center stage during the Clinton years, Ken Starr and Linda Tripp, better known as Boris and Natasha.  One need not look hard to see Democratic Presidents capitulating to Republican bullies.

While the Pentagon has made statements that the military is now ready and has been trained to work with the LGBT community, the reality is that we know many of our LGBT soldiers are still going to be bullied by their peers.  I have heard the “higher ups” state that they will enforce the new policies regardless if they agree with them. I worry about LGBT soldiers fear of reporting abuse or harassment; feels rather like our Anita Hill having to report sexual harassment to her then boss and abuser, Clarence Thomas–we all know how well that turned out.  If only we could discharge that legacy of Bush Sr.

For today, I shall put aside my skepticism, and celebrate a move towards civil rights and equality for the LGBT community.  Now, let us get to the business of repealing DOMA!

Family Portrait Day

15 Aug

Gothic Love Makes a Family

Love is Love

I place these two pictures side by side.  I’m not sure there is anything I can add here, for these pictures speak volumes.

Common Thread of Evil…With a Kicker

11 Aug

Evil or Good

As I and many others were mortified at the behavior of the Republican Presidential candidates who signed a pledge to discriminate against the LGBT community and women in the name of religion, I felt compelled to look at the common denominator of hate, discrimination, misogyny, wars, and prejudice.

Yes, the common denominator is religion.  Let us go back to the late part of the 11th Century and the First Crusade; this was not about god. The Crusade was a reaction to politics and the power of the Catholic Church being divided between east and west.  The Pope was worrying about loss of control and trying to heal the split.  The Middle Class figured out they could deal directly with Muslims for commerce and eliminate the middleman of the eastern empire.  Granted, this is a .25 cent version of the First Crusade, but the killing of Muslims here was not about god, it was about money and power.

Let us jump to the 15th Century and The Inquisition.  Oh, those madcaps.  Those whacky Catholics again, just providing “tough love for heretics,” Jews, Muslims, and anyone not willing to convert to Catholicism.  I’m sure that the monarchy making a huge profit from all of the confiscated booty from said “heretics” was just a strange coincidence.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and President Bush listening to the voice of God:

I am driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, ‘George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan’. And I did. And then God would tell me ‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq’. And I did.

Not only did W. wage a war domestically against the LGBT community, but apparently god told him to wage war around the world, damn the facts and countless lives lost.  During the Bush years we witnessed repeated assaults on the LGBT community and women’s reproductive rights by Cheney and Rove. We were the perfect scapegoats to steal the attention from the fact that the nation was starting a recession that would see no end, while King George was treating the Constitution as though it were toilet paper. Rove, Cheney, and Bush paved the way for what would become the nightmare Tea Party.

Today, we have Teahadists like Bachmann and her ignorant crew that are using religion to continue to vilify the LGBT community–damned be the AMA and APA and their recommendations to support marriage equality.  Let us not forget John Boehner leading the campaign to spend tax payer money to defend DOMA.  Are we then to presume that god prefers war and killing over love and peace?

Here is the real KICKER!  While I do not subscribe to any organized religion, I do firmly believe that we will need to engage and enlist the support of those that are religious if we intend to see any significant progress in civil rights.  I look to the voices of Dr. King, Coretta Scott King, and Bishop Gene Robinson to help move conversations around women’s rights and LGBT rights in a healthy and productive direction. The war for treating all humans equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, and gender identity can only succeed if we hear the voices of our religious brothers and sisters joining the chorus of voices fighting to beat back the specter of Fascism.

Hero of the Week Award: July 22

22 Jul

Hero of the Week

Late Tuesday afternoon, Senator Patrick Leahy (D – VT) sent me and many others an email to let us know that President Obama not only played a huge role in working to repeal DOMA, but that:

moments ago, the President went a step further by endorsing the Respect for Marriage Act I’ve put forth to repeal DOMA and restore the rights of all lawfully married couples to receive the full benefits of marriage under federal law.

If this did not bring a tear to your eye, I’m not sure what would. My heart was overfilled with joy witnessing President Obama, Patrick Leahy, and Dianne Feinstein showing true leadership as they push for civil rights! Obama’s endorsement of the Respect for Marriage Act  earns him this week’s HWA.  Bravo, President Obama.  Years from now, we will see that Feinstein, Leahy, Gillibrand, and President Obama were on the right side of  history!  How nice to see True Leadership in the face of cowardice and fear-mongering from the Tea Party. I hope we see full marriage equality in all 50 states within my lifetime. But let us remember that We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest Until It Comes!

Thank You, Patrick Leahy!

8 Jul

Thank You, Senator Leahy

Surprise, surprise! The House of Representatives just voted 248-175 for an amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill which reaffirms the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  Yes, talk about a waste of tax payer dollars.  John Boehner and his merry band of bigoted Republicans pushed an independent agenda of hate and attached it to the Defense Appropriations bill, sponsored by the fun-loving Virginia Foxx (R-NC).  Fortunately, this story actually has an optimistic ending because of Senator Leahy (I-VT).  Here are the names of the bigoted hypocritical Democrats that sided with Republicans and voted for the bill:


Leahy just announced that he intends to start the debate in the Senate to repeal DOMA.  What a lovely contrast.  A true leader like Leahy working for civil rights against the backdrop of  a group of homophobic bigots–the House Republicans who have become the collective George Wallace  on the wrong side of history. The hearing for bill S.598 is called, “The Respect for Marriage Act: Assessing the Impact of DOMA on American Families.”  The title of the bill alone brings tears to my eyes.  Leahy will forever be known as a champion for the civil rights of LGBT Americans. Of course, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-​NY), already much celebrated on TSM, is a co-sponsor of the bill. Click here to read the full article.

Good News: King and Spalding

25 Apr

Moving in the right direction

The law firm of King and Spalding has announced that it will NOT be defending DOMA.  Not only has King and Spalding now refused the retainer by the Republican controlled House of Representatives, but Paul Clement, the former Solicitor General under President George W. Bush and the lead lawyer on the legal team hired to defend DOMA in court, has now resigned from King and Spalding.  You can see his resignation in the article and see how his resignation hides behind his thinly veiled homophobic agenda.  Kudos to King and Spalding. TSM is now taking nominations for Bigot of the Week Award.  Clement is a front runner currently.  Click here to see the full article.

John Boehner: Your Tax Dollars For Discrimination

11 Apr

I Really Hate Gays, Women, Blacks, and Old People

We all know that John Boehner and his Republican controlled House of Representatives have NOT created any new jobs, nor have they done anything to help the American people.  In fact, they held the American people hostage and blackmailed a deal to cut close to 40 billion in budget cuts, including cutting funding for Medicare, Planned Parenthood, and NPR.  So if we are in such a severe budget crisis, why is Boehner allowed to sign a blank check for lawyers to defend DOMA and perpetuate discrimination. Are we to believe that preventing marriage equality is more important that Medicare or creating new jobs? I’m reminded of the W administration with its fear tactics. Rather than looking at an unjust war, or how W was behaving more like a King than a President, he and Cheney would do the whole fear trick: “Oh look over there, something shiny–the gays are taking over.”  Really? Really? Is that same old tired trick going to work again? If you don’t want your tax dollars supporting discrimination, take action. Click here to watch the video.

Stand Up to Bullying: Social Courage

3 Apr

Repeal DOMA

In the past three days, I have had three friends send me a video that is both powerful and extraordinarily sweet. The video shows teenagers with great social courage to Stand up to Bullying of LGBT Youth. What further prompted me to craft a blog entry around this video, was that two people that are very dear to me (both exceedingly heterosexual) posted a request to repeal DOMA on their Facebook page.  Unfortunately, each of these friends received some very bigoted responses from so called “Christians.” Of course, I took the bait from the blind backward bigots. With every piece of scripture they posted, I posed scripture as well, exposing their hypocrisy.  As usual, these white heterosexual christian hypocrites have no clue as to the privilege they have, nor do they know the meaning of bigot; they also love to do the GOP spin: “Don’t call me a bigot just because I behave like one.” So here is the tonic–the salve that helps us all to keep going and to keep fighting for civil rights. CLICK here to see this video of courage.  Thank you to my friends Tom and Mary for having the courage to be a straight ally in the face of so much hate.

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