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Hero of the Week Award: June 28, Wendy Davis

28 Jun
Hero of the Week

Hero of the Week

Some weeks the choice for Hero is abundantly clear. Thanks to regular SJFA follower Voice of the Trailer for nominating the amazing Wendy Davis.

Davis is a Democrat state senator in Texas, a thankless job if ever there was one. When Gov. Rick Perry called a special legislative session specifically to curtail abortion rights, she refused to let his scheme work. The short session was intended to pass a ban on all abortions after 20 weeks, create more burdensome requirements for all abortions, and crush Planned Parenthood in the state. Davis, working with a strong coalition that included Planned Parenthood’s wonderful Cecile Richards, mounted a firm plan of resistance.

Demonstrating what a filibuster ought to be, Davis launched a thirteen-hour speech on the Senate floor, refusing to allow the bill to move forward. Her marathon speech required the use of a back brace before she was done, but she stuck it out. Republicans tried a number of administrative tricks to block her, but she carried on almost to the end. When they finally cut her off with moments to go, dozens of pro-choice supporters in the gallery raised their voices in protest, shouting down any action until the clock ran out on the special session.

Gov. Perry has sworn to try again, but the voices raised against him are strong. Having a true leader like Wendy Davis brought new life to the cause. There’s now a movement to draft her to run against Perry — that would be lovely justice indeed.

Honorable mention goes to the four justices on the Supreme Court who did their best to truly represent the people in their work this week. In the devastating ruling that gutted the Voting Rights Act, Justice Ginsburg delivered a scathing dissent, joined by Justices Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor. All four also voted to overturn DOMA and to preserve Affirmative Action and worked to ensure that Prop 8 was nullified in California. When the highest court in the land is ruled by an opportunist ideologue, their courage and voices for justice are needed more than ever.

Cruel Clarence Can Claim Crimes Against Humanity

5 Apr

I just can't stand people

For all those that follow TSM, you are well aware of the information documented proving the incompetence and moral bankruptcy of Justice Clarence Thomas. Unfortunately, the following article only adds to his criminal record, rendering Thomas and his puppet master Scalia as misanthropes of the most dangerous type.

Thomas tossed out a verdict that would have cleared John Thompson of a murder he was allegedly guilty of in 1985.  Since 1985, an overwhelming amount of evidence has come to light supporting Thompson’s innocence. Sadly, Thomas and Scalia cannot be bothered with facts regarding human life–dish or irony anyone?  This coming from two anti-choice misogynists. Not only did Thomas throw out the verdict, but felt compelled to put in some exceedingly disrespectful comments about Justice Ginsberg his first opinion drafted, echoed by Scalia.

What terrifies me is this is the Supreme Court we are stuck with for the rest of my lifetime. A court full of activist conservative justices that are bigoted homophobic misogynistic pieces of work. Please read the full article here.

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