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Right Wing Racist Reach Wrong Resolution: Refuting Reality

23 Feb

Michelle Obama: Fighting Fools

I was hoping not to have to do yet another article on the right wing racist NUTS, for fear of crossing the Bachmann line. Due to the recent flurry attacks from Palin, Bachmann, and Limbaugh on First Lady Michelle Obama, I felt the need to address such incredible ignorance and blatant racism, a la Andrew Breitbart’s racist cartoon. I’m frankly surprised that have not called her “uppity.”

Really? Really? This is where we are as a nation? We are attacking the First Lady because she is preaching against childhood obesity and advocating breast feeding–am I alone in thinking this is not only ignorant racism at work, but PROFOUND STUPIDITY on behalf of anyone listening to this noticeably white cadre of critics. Childhood obesity is a real problem in America right now, which also weighs heavy on the healthcare system (no pun intended). Have any of these critics of the First Lady done any research on the dangers of childhood obesity, or on the benefits of breast feeding? No, they are all graduates of the Bachmann Skuull, or is spelled Skool?  Click here to read a comprehensive study about the benefits of breast feeding.   Lest we forget the benefits and links between mental health and physical health.

When as a culture do we say enough is enough! When does intellect defeat ignorance? When are we willing to examine truth and reflect and take action, which is what the First Lady is asking us to do.

Wednesday Word of the Week: February 23

23 Feb

This week’s word is: SOCIALISM.

This is one of those words that the Tea Party and their Far-Right allies like to wield against President Obama and his administration’s actions. What does it really mean?

Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that controls the economy.

This is clearly not an accurate assessment of the actions of the Obama administration so far. The government does not own the means of producing and distributing goods and those means are certainly not owned collectively. So what evidence is used to support this claim?

  • The TARP program and the auto bailout are frequent examples even though both programs were established to maintain the integrity of existing businesses and imposed new regulation only so far as required to keep the businesses from failing. A socialist government would have let General Motors go under and created the Obamacar.
  • Stimulus funding is also treated as socialist, even though it distributed money to states, thus decentralizing the governmental economic control. The program also favored small and emerging businesses, clearly not a collectivist action.
  • The most frequent example is the health care reform bill, mostly on the grounds that it mandates insurance purchasing; sadly for the finger-pointers, that mandate requires purchase from private businesses, thus not qualifying as socialist legislation.

If none of the examples hold true, why would anyone use the word Socialist? The answer is sad and simple: because it’s scary. For decades our nation was locked in a cold war against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Socialism was the enemy. For the even wackier Right-wingers, the Nazi party also used the word “socialist” in its full German title. Calling Obama a socialist labels him as anti-American and links him with Stalin and Hitler. Never mind that those comparisons are (1) not truly socialist and (2) untrue. The language has power so the administration’s enemies use it; being honest isn’t their game.

As an interesting side note, the Tea Party also says things like “We don’t want to be Great Britain or Sweden!” usually in the context of their government-operated health care systems. Once again, they provide more irony than accuracy. Neither country is socialist, neither has a health care system very similar to the one passed last year, and both countries are run by coalition governments unlike our winner-take-all, one-of-two-parties model.

The call of Socialism also summons up a series of other “-isms” with both good and bad connotations.

The wingers want us to contrast Obama with CAPITALISM, which they see as good.

An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.

Unless of course the free market can be reigned in by the development of massive monopolies that fund Right-wing causes, or corporations can be considered people in terms of political action, or the Vice-President can profit from a military contract.

We’re also supposed to hear “socialism” and think of


A form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed.

and FASCISM (like Hitler)

A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

Neither of these words even remotely describes the Democratic approach to governance in the United States. They do, however conjure up images of suppression of public art, repression of the rights of women and workers, the use of military metaphor to inspire action, and the use of fear and racism to demonize opponents. Which party is totalitarian, then?

At the end of the day, the Right wing is simply manipulating language to their own ends with utter disregard for its actual meaning. They can say they aren’t bigots or homophobes, they can tout Christian values, they can decry judicial activism while engaging in it, but they are lying to us. Shallow manipulators and venal corporate hacks, they use language cynically, not bothering with anything as inconvenient as the truth.

But as with the master strategist Vizzini, I don’t think those words mean what they think they do. Should we listen to people who lie so blatantly? I prefer not to.

(All of today’s definitions taken from the American Heritage Dictionary online)

"Socialism in Action"

Republican Denny Rehberg Hits New Low…

9 Feb

Denny Rehber (R-MT) hit a new all time low for acceptable behavior for human beings yesterday.  Just one month after federal Judge John Roll was murdered while waiting to speak with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), who is still trying to recuperate, Rehber is still using the language of violence and threats  of assassination, Palin must be so proud of him.  Here is Rehber’s threat against a federal judge:

Environmental obstructionists found a federal judge in Missoula that was willing to ignore the scientific evidence as well as the expert opinions of on-the-ground wildlife managers here in Montana. And he ruled last August that the grey wolf had to remain on the Endangered Species List.

When I first heard his decision, like many of you I wanted to take action immediately. I asked: how can we put some of these judicial activists on the Endangered Species List? I am still working on that!

This is acceptable behavior from an elected official? Really?  Again, I thought a civil servant’s job was to protect the citizens of America, not to threaten assassination. Click here for the video and then click here for the full article if you can stomach it. Have you know decency Rep. Rehberg?

Born Assassin


Black History Month: Welcome to the New Racist America

1 Feb

We Need Black History Month More Now Than Ever

Thank you to my friend Mary Sauve for inspiring this story. How sad that we have more evidence to support how desperately we still need to celebrate Black History Month.  The absolutely shameful behavior of the Republican Party, in its attempts to prevent President Obama from running in 2012, is nothing less than disgusting and racist.  Probably few people were surprised when CRAZY Arizona recently reintroduced a previously failed bill that would require Obama to provide a copy of his birth certificate in order to be placed on the ballot in the state, but now Connecticut?  Yes, the GOP in Connecticut has introduced legislation that would require potential presidential and vice-presidential candidates to provide the secretary of state with an “original birth certificate” in order to run.  Is Faux News really that powerful that people don’t believe President Obama was born here, or is it that we as a country are very fearful of this brilliant black man?  I think we all know the truth is that there is no leftist media and that we are afraid of a black man that is smarter than most of the country.  Click here to see the full article.

I propose if we are going to go through these ridiculous lengths of proving American Birth, we go farther and force all political candidates to take a reading test and history test–then we could say goodbye to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Jan Brewer, half of the Supreme Court and probably 2/3 of the Republican party.

How Many Wrongs Make You Right(-wing)?

30 Jan

The Querulous Quartet Try to Trump Truth

Just saying something doesn’t make it so. Unless, apparently, you bloviate from the Right wing. Don’t get me wrong, there are idiots and fact-averse blowhards left, right, and center. It is particularly creepy, however, to see the culture of “don’t bother me with facts” that has become a replacement of logic on the Right. This culture started with the bumblings of Reagan and the insidious architecture of Gingrigh. It perpetuated through the pseudo-christian machinations of Dobson and Buchanan. Today it is exemplified by that Querulous Quartet: Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and Palin.

I had an embarrassment of riches when choosing examples:

  • First, there’s the recent Bill O’Reilly hypocrisy over the use of Nazi rhetoric (good summary here). If anyone else does it, it’s abominable. If Bill does it, he’s taken out of context. If people don’t buy that, he just repeats it REALLY LOUD. That’ll make it true.
  • Republican leaders in Congress maintain that the Affordable Care Act is Socialism while gladly accepting their own generous government-sponsored health care.
  • How about the invention of the phrase “activist judge” to describe anyone who does something the Right doesn’t like, going to such extremes as ousting judges for doing their jobs. Of course, pretending that corporations are people isn’t activist at all.
  • A great non-fact is the myth of the leftist media. The pundits cry “First Amendment” when Juan Williams is fired for violating his contract and shriek ‘BIAS” when Katie Couric actually dares to interview Sarah Palin. Meanwhile, FauxNews dominates in the ratings and corporate-owned news outlets put profits ahead of stories.
  • Of course, the good old First Amendment doesn’t matter if you want to censor an art exhibit. It’s especially handy if you can pretend that it was publicly funded (even though it wasn’t). That’s right out of the “public broadcasting is all government funded” playbook of lies.
  • It’s also fun to argue that “homophobia” isn’t a real word, unless, of course, you can take a test online that proves you aren’t a homophobe when you spread lies and vicious invective against the LGBT community for a living.

Pundits and politicians on the Right are happy to create these deceptions to reinforce their worldview. If questioned by anyone, they scream about the left trying to silence them, which would be laughable if it weren’t so tragically, transparently false.

Ask for a fact, get a talking point, never a simple response or an honest “I don’t know.” Sadly, the American public are more and more like Yahoos, snatching up the non-facts like they were the last McNugget in the box.

This is especially apparent when you look at public responses in online forums of any sort. Leftist commenters are capable of being strident and rude just like anyone else, but they tend to at least try to make a supportable point. The rightward comments come straight from the great bible of non-facts.

A great example pops up any time a forum starts dealing with gay rights issues. A simple kiss on a popular television program turns into an opportunity for a screeching double-standard about affection. A conversation about the wrongful dismissal of a gay student teacher summons up the old “why must the gays always bring up the bedroom?” canard, ignoring the fact that it’s the Right that seems strangely obsessed with sex whenever the word gay pops up. More insidiously, playing the bedroom card skirts the central fact that the agenda is control over civil rights, not real concern about propriety.

Right-wing bloggers are as prone to play the “because I said so” card as the pundits and the prowlers. Recently, the blog NW Republican took exception to our Bigot of the Week award. The thrust of the initial post was that the word “bigot” is loaded and mean-spirited. When commenters pointed out that the word was used in context and with substantiation, the reply of the blogger was quite telling:


That’s right, the context and the issues aren’t relevant. All that matters is that the blogger found the certain words “loaded” even though they were used in contexts that substantiated them, linking back to the words and deeds of the people who were discussed. Ironically, he simultaneously labelled the bigot award as fascism, quite a loaded word in itself. The whole comment thread is a great case study in the Right-wing approach to argument. Point your finger, scream a label and a talking point, and ignore any facts that are presented. Those who debate you are mean-spirited fascists who use loaded language. The actual issues at hand are not relevant.

Arguing with someone who takes the non-fact, because-I-say-so approach to discourse begins to feel like Heinlein’s quip:

“Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

Bonus points to our regular readers Jan (PenguinLad) and Lex (WebWordWarrior) for offering the singing lessons in this particular sty.

As futile as arguing with the unreasoning may be, we must not lose heart. In fact, we cannot afford to do so. Although we might prefer not to, we must gaze into the darkness presented by the non-facts. We cannot stop the Right from playing the “because I said so” game, but we can counter it by making sure the facts are out there. If we give up, the narrative is theirs, and we cannot afford to let them decide what rights we’ll get to have if everyone begins to believe that the can choose their own facts.

Michele Bachmann: Facts Are Immaterial

26 Jan

Hi, I have a 1st Grade Education

Sarah Palin is not the only functioning illiterate in the United States.  Of course, Palin quit her job as Governor, so that she could make millions of dollars on the speaking circuit pushing a culture of violence, but Michele  Bachmann is a United States Congressperson and has no clue of American History. Bachmann said there were no slaves when the country first started “We were all created equal, but there was slavery but the Founding Fathers like John Quincy Adams fought tireless agasint slavery.”  Ummm!  No Ms. Bachmann.  You are Wrong!  The Founding Fathers did in fact hold slaves.  We were not treated equally when we engaged in the genocide of the Native Americans.  Bachmann is of the mindset, “If I say it then it must be true.”  That is like me saying, I look 20 years old and have no gray hair.  I can say it all day long, but that will not make it true.  Fortunately, we have this video clip of Bachmann demonstrating a level of education that is embarrassing, and more so for an elected official.  I’m sorry, but we need to be mortified as a nation where one of our elected officials is this undereducated.  When did it go out of fashion to be smart and well spoken and to speak the truth. My sincere apologies to my friends that live in the state of Minnesota.  Why would anyone listen to anything she has to say regarding our government.  Fortunately we also have this on video as well.  Click here. Gretchen and Scott hang on, Robert and I will come rescue you, from Minnesota. Click here to see the video. Have we  now become A Confederacy of Dunces?

Beck Benefits by Bellicose Bombast

23 Jan

The Face of an American Terrorist

The new Republican Chair of New Hampshire, Jack Kimball, said that his hero was Glenn Beck.  This gives me great worry and should also worry the rest of the country that Kimball’s hero is, by all accounts, a terrorist!  Yes, Beck and those promoting violence are nothing less than terrorists. I think we see concrete evidence of this in the tragedy that is Tucson–thank you Beck, Palin, Brewer, and Angle. I received a great comment from a fellow blogger yesterday and now I would like to share this link to his blog.  He does a great job of exposing Beck for the terrorist he is. So how do we stop these American Terrorist?  Well, we take their voice away.  We stop watching Fox News. We stop listening to functioning illiterates like Sarah Palin. We stop listening to the lies and the anti-woman, anti-gay, and anti-poor rhetoric.  This Klan of white angry folk breed fear and earn a great fortune from instilling fear.  Here is a link to the definition of terrorist: click here.

Remembering Bayard Rustin on MLK Holiday…

17 Jan

Unknown Hero!

Not many people know that it was Bayard Rustin, close confidante to Dr. King, that worked with King on techniques for nonviolent resistance.  Yes, that’s right NONVIOLENT–what a world away we are now, with the likes of good old whitey Palin and Angle promoting violence.  Rustin was an openly gay black man working tirelessly for civil rights.  I cannot fully articulate my admiration for this man.  Of course at the time he was working with Dr. King, it was illegal just to be homosexual.  Some believe that Rustin’s effectiveness was compromised because he was openly gay.  Unfortunately, Rustin started to worry that his integral part in the civil rights movement would undermine the efficacy of the movement and thus offered to step aside.  King supported Rustin’s move to step aside.  As much as I respect and honor Dr. King, I wish he would have shown more support for Rustin.  Here is a great video clip that credits Rustin for the March on Washington in 1963.  To learn more about Bayard Rustin, I encourage you to read a great biography called, lost prophet:the life and times of Bayard Rustin.  There is also a movie about his life called: Brother Outsider.

Sociopathic, Sinister, Sarah…

15 Jan

I truly had no full comprehension of the full depths of Sarah Palin’s narcissism and sociopathy.  This latest stunt of hers of playing the victim, with unsubstantiated reports of death threats, is just over the top and unconscionable. What is more disgusting is that the media are advertising this without asking questions to see if they are reporting accurate information: U.S. News & World Report picked up the story today—again, without once questioning the information itself or its source. With six people dead, and Representative Giffords fighting for her life, it is not only galling to have Palin shift the spot light to her as the victim, it is really quite sick!  Rather than reflect on her words in the media and her behavior, she is twisting reality beyond all recognition to suit her own agenda and feed her insatiable ego.

The Most Dishonorable Sarah Palin

Hero of the Week Award, January 14

14 Jan

Well, you better be careful of the LGBT community.  We might just one day save your life.  This week’s Hero is Daniel Hernandez. Hernandez, the Intern that helped to save Gabrielle Giffords’ life, was clearly acting on behalf of the “Gay Agenda:”  Be kind, make the world better for all, help your fellow human being!  Bravo to Hernandez.  He certainly holds great promise in creating equality for all, by serving as such a role model of a human being.  Note to public: I don’t see him threatening to shoot people who disagree with him.

Daniel Hernandez, Hero

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