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We Must Protect the Rich At All Costs (?)

24 Feb

Help Protect The Super Rich

“Hey, all of you jobless and soon to be homeless, can you spare a dime for the wealthiest of the wealthy?” It would seem that when Congress passed the law that protected the super rich from taxes for the next two years, they also sealed the fate for those that are middle class or lower. So is it really any surprise that the gap between rich and poor has widened into a chasm–that we continue to become a country of haves and have nots?  To add insult to injury, the current House of Representatives, controlled by John (He makes me cry) Boehner and his cadre of white cronies continue to introduce legislation that works AGAINST the American people. So much for civil servants. Yes, let’s eliminate social programs, social services, healthcare; let’s do everything in our power to make the poor even poorer. Most of us better get used to eating cat food soon.  When will we see the breaking point? When will we be inspired by the good working class of Wisconsin railing against the rich and health-insured GOP that has now proposed to use physical violence against the working class protesters?  When do we stop thanking the rich for raping us?  See the full article here.

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