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Update on Target Boycott: Target Funds Frau Bachmann

14 Jul

Bachmann's Favorite Place to Shop

At this point it, is no secret that presidential candidate and fascist Michele Bachmann is one of the loudest homophobic bigots in the country. What needs to be equally well known is that Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel has given the maximum contribution allowable to Bachmann.  Needless to say, we need to spread the word and reinvigorate the BOYCOTT against TARGET.

Here is my conundrum. My heart really goes out to all of the Target employees in the LGBT community.  This most certainly is not the time to look for a new job.  How must they feel knowing that Target’s Corporate office continues to throw money at anti-gay candidates? While I was very proud of Lady Gaga for breaking her contract with Target, I realize that Target employees will not find it so easy to break their ties with the homophobic corporation.

I fear I do not have the answer for Target employees.  However, I am very comfortable publishing the names of those that do business with Target, i.e. celebrity whores that do their commercials then appear on HGTV, such as Sabrina Soto.  Is it just a coincidence or is it starting to feel like Nazi Germany with Bachmann and Steinhafel putting pink triangles on all of us homos?

I will think of some creative ways we can support our LGBT brothers and sisters that have to work for Target, but in the meantime full speed ahead with the Boycott!  Click here to see the full article.


Continue to Boycott Target: Here’s Why

18 Jun

Boycott Target

As most TSM followers know, my husband and I have been boycotting Target for almost a year now because of their right wing political donations to anti-gay candidates.  I was so disturbed by the actions of the homophobes at Target’s corporate office, I even did an interview with a local Target store--very disappointing indeed.

Then there was a ray of hope called Lady Gaga; it looked as though she had put sufficient pressure on Target to change their policy on political donations in exchange for an exclusive deal to release her Born This Way album.  Fools!  Target did not change their policy and Lady Gaga had the integrity to break her contract with them–makes me love Lady Gaga.

So here is why we need to be even more vigilant about boycotting Target: they have become the corporate embodiment of Gov. Scott Walker.  Target has created videos and propaganda that only Joe McCarthy would be proud of, as they vilify unions.  Honestly, I almost threw up after seeing this video.  We can’t afford to lose our unions and how they protect workers from organizations like Target.  Click here to see to see the video they force all employees to watch. Click here to see some great coverage by Daily Kos.

Update: Unfortunately, the Target Right Wing Propaganda Machine worked and they defeated the union.  Click here to see the NYT article.  What’s next? Will Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers be doing a PSA for Target?  Please, I encourage you, Boycott Target until they stop discriminating against the poor and the LGBT community and cease being in the pocket of rich, right wing government.

Hail Lady Gaga: 2011’s Most Powerful Celebrity

20 May

Integrity can be Powerful

Congratulations to Lady Gaga, just named Forbes’ most powerful celebrity of 2011. She unseats Oprah Winfrey for only the third time in the past several years. While Oprah’s cash haul ($290 million) was substantially greater than our Lady Gaga’s ($90 million), Forbes uses a variety of measures to rank their list. The factors include (with Lady Gaga’s rank):

  • Dollars earned (8th)
  • Presence on TV and radio (3rd)
  • Press coverage (2nd)
  • Web presence (1st)
  • Social media presence (1st)

As the makers of the list observe, the #1 celebrity truly understands the power of online tools, which are critical to success in a rapidly changing market of short attention spans.

[Lady] Gaga is there not just because of the $90 million she earned with a monster tour, but also because of her 32 million Facebook fans and 10 million Twitter followers–aka Little Monsters–who helped move 1 million digital downloads of her recent single “Born This Way” in only five days. They’re also happy to buy the MAC makeup, Monster headphones and Virgin Mobile phones she features in her videos.

As regular readers of TSM will understand, we are thrilled to see a celebrity who regularly practices integrity and promotes equality achieve such success and authority. Comparing Lady Gaga’s stand against Target with Oprah’s celebration of Wal-Mart makes this year’s result particularly cheering. The majority of the Top 10 list are celebrities who have done little beyond increase their own wealth and power in the past year (with the exception of serial do-gooders U2 and the very mixed bag of Sir Elton John, champion of AIDS research and Rush Limbaugh crooner). In that context, Lady Gaga’s position is very heartening indeed. Let’s hope that Target is kicking itself for losing a lucrative, powerful partner while standing by its homophobia.

Target Stores: Now That Takes Chutzpah

27 Mar

Where Ginni Thomas Shops

Not that we needed another reason to continue the boycott of Target stores, but we sure do have one. Unlike some of the celebrities on HGTV that do ads for Target, at least our Lady Gaga has some integrity and refuses to do business with the homophobic company. Now Target is suing a group, Canvass For A Cause, alleging its activists are driving away customers–now that takes some Chutzpah.  Canvass For a Cause is a pro-gay pro-equality group that has been canvassing outside Target Stores in San Diego. Yes, how dare call Target a bigot just because they are!  I’m sure Ginni Thomas will be involved soon, demanding that the LGBT apologize to Corporate Target.  I also feel very bad for all of the LGBT employees of Target–this is not the time to find a new job with an employer that believes in equality, so they are trapped working for a corporate bigot. Click here to read the entire article.

Lady Gaga’s Integrity: Target Boycott Resumes

9 Mar

Lady Gaga Says No to Hate

I am loving Lady Gaga more and more and despising Target more and more. Lady Gaga has now broken her exclusive deal with Target: She and Target didn’t see eye to eye on Target’s policy of political donations and how they affect the LGBT community. I wish I saw more celebrities with this type of integrity and using their celebrity for social justice. I encourage everyone to continue or resume the Target Boycott!  How sad that Target would rather maintain its donations to homophobic political candidates than be dedicated to issues of social justice. Click here to see the full article. Brava, Lady Gaga–I know I was born this way.

Lady Gaga: Shrewd Business Woman/LGBT Ally

19 Feb

I know that I and many others in the LGBT community have been boycotting Target for their unforgivable donation to anti-gay Tom Emmer of Minnesota. So you can imagine the great surprise that Lady Gaga had made an exclusive  deal with Target. Here is the good news. Lady Gaga has dictated her terms to Target. Maybe I’m being naïve, but I am hopeful and optimistic. Here is a statement from  Lady Gaga:

That discussion was one of the most intense conversations I’ve ever had in a business meeting,” Gaga says. “Part of my deal with Target is that they have to start affiliating themselves with LGBT charity groups and begin to reform and make amends for the mistakes they’ve made in the past … our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they’ve made supporting those [antigay] groups.

Click here to see the full article on Jeremy’s blog. I’m just happy to see that a Millennial is such an activist and working hard to use her celebrity to make the world a better place. Go Gaga!

Shrewd Business Woman Working for LGBT Rights

Target: Courting the Gay Dollar (?)

17 Feb

Is it safe now?

For those of you that have been following this blog, you are aware of my promotion of the Target Boycott. After Target executives made the decision last fall to gave $150,000 to Tom Emmer, the anti-gay gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota, there has been a significant amount of justifiable backlash, including the boycotting of Target stores. The latest news is that Target has now published new guidelines to corporate giving. Click here to see the full article. I hope they have developed the new guidelines because it was the right thing to do, but I am rather cynical.  I am happy to say they did consult with LGBT rights groups in developing the new guidelines. While I know, from personal investigation, that most of the Target stores in the Pacific Northwest are very solid in their support of the LGBT community, I would encourage people to investigate the Target store nearest you before ending your boycott. Also visit here on  where are safe places to spend your LGBT dollars.

Women’s History, February 4

4 Feb

Rosa Parks: American Hero

Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks.  Parks, The First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement, was arrested for not obeying bus driver, James Blake, when he ordered her to give up her seat for a white man.  She was 42 years old at that time–nice that we can become activists in our 40s.  This act of civil disobedience happened on December 1, 1955 and sparked the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott. At the time of her arrest, Parks was the secretary of her chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The bus boycott helped to end racial segregation in the south–the power of boycotting.  I only wish I could say it ended racism today in the United States, but we all know that is painfully not true.

Happy Birthday, Betty Friedan. Friedan, a leading figure in the “Second Wave” women’s movement, is best known for her groundbreaking book, The Feminine Mystique. While The Feminine Mystique was groundbreaking and helped the women’s movement, it did not address equality for non-white women, nor did it include lesbians.  Friedan later addresses these disparities in her book, The Fountain of Age and in a new introduction she included in subsequent publications of The Feminine Mystique. Friedan passed away on her birthday in 2006. Her voice is missed now especially when women’s rights are being attacked currently by our government.

Quotes of the day:

I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people. –Rosa Parks

The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own. There is no other way. –Betty Friedan

Enjoy this bit as well: Click Here.



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