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Gun Crazy Nation: Crazy Being the Key Word

14 Jan

As most of you know, Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill into law, the Friday before the Saturday of the shootings in Arizona, that made it legal to carry a concealed weapon. In New Hampshire they just voted to allow state representatives to carry guns on the capitol floor, and another Congressman is writing legislation to allow members to bring guns to the floor of the US Congress in DC.  Trent Humphries, Tea Party Leader in Tucson, said that: “Rep. Giffords should have had security at her event if she was so concerned about possible violence.”  Really?  Really?  So more guns?  That’s the answer?  Am I the only one that believes that an eye for an eye just leaves us all blind?   We truly are becoming a nation of Swiftian Yahoos.  What is next?  Shall we fatten up the young poor children and sell them to the rich as food?

Welcome to America

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