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Where’s the Placenta?

27 Apr

Kill the Birther Movement

Yes, I just read the NYT article that the White House Released the Long Form of President Obama’s Hawaii Birth Certificate.  Will this be sufficient to quell the blatant racist bigots?  What’s next? Will Trump (“the blacks love me”) and the other bigots demand testimony from a hospital nurse or the doctor that delivered him? I’m actually disappointed that President Obama caved in to these bigots, albeit I understand why.

I worry about a country that focuses on Obama’s birth certificate rather than the false promise of the morally bankrupt John Boehner creating new jobs–where are they? I worry about a House of Representatives efforts to protect the wealthiest of the wealthy in our country rather than ensure that people have health insurance, or that women have access to health care, via Planned Parenthood.  I worry that the “Tea Party” has corrupted a national conversation and made us look and feel like a country that is in desperate need of an elephant size dose of Haldol.

As we wait for the next embarrassing attack from right wing conservatives, let us now hope the “birther movement” is now dead.  Click here to see the full NYT article.

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