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Hero of the Week Award: December 23, Rachel Maddow

23 Dec

Thank you to my friend Jay for this week’s nomination for HWA.

Hero of the Week

I usually find Rachel Maddow both entertaining and informative, but her humor in how she exposes the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin and Fox News earns her this week’s HWA.

Palin and Fox news took umbrage to President Obama’s Christmas card and went down the very tired and worn out path of “the attack on Christmas.”  Maddow does a marvelous job of showing just how ludicrous these modern day Carnival folk are.

Click here to see Maddow and the ghosts of Christmas Cards Past.

Bigot of the Week Award: December 9, Rick Perry

9 Dec

Bigot of the Week

Just as it looked like Rick Perry (Mr. Snap on Hair) had become totally irrelevant in the GOP Presidential election cycle, he created a new ad that wins him this week’s BWA. Trailing badly in the polls, Perry decided to tack even farther to the right, releasing this nasty 30 seconds of homophobia and irrational babbling. After saying “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian,” he launches into a bizarre comparison of the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with the so-called “War on Christmas.” You know the only thing those things have in common, Rick? Civil rights for all Americans and the separation of church and state are both enshrined in our Constitution. You should have someone read it to you some time. If by some chance this horrific pandering to the Teahadists pays off, let’s remember what a Perry Presidency might look like—bless his heart!

As an antidote to this asshat, enjoy this very smart parody.  As a further lovely tonic to such a schmuck, my friends and huge LGBT allies Jennifer and Misti inspired me to do Perry as the bigot and and include the delightful parody.

This Year, Maybe We’ll Just Enjoy the Holiday

24 Dec

Something seemed to be missing from the holiday season this year and it took me a while to figure out exactly what. Then it hit me: unlike the past four or five years, the “War On Christmas” hysteria has been largely absent from the media this year. How refreshing!

Sure, Sen. John Kyl (Lunatic – AZ) bleated about having to work past Dec. 17, but it’s pretty clear he was either just irritated at being expected to do his job or trying to block any real progress. A few minor dust-ups made brief news entries, but the full-blown O’Reilleyesque outrage and lunacy were mostly absent. Maybe it’s because the Family Research Council was too busy trying to defend itself after being identified as a hate group to make a fuss. Maybe America was too stunned by a Senate that actually accomplished something to worry about holiday semantics. Whatever the reason for the low-vitriol season, it’s certainly been nice to just relax and enjoy.

Some people use this time to celebrate religions traditions and beliefs they hold dear. Some find shopping for and giving the perfect gifts to be a delight while others bemoan the overcommercialism of the day. Some surround themselves with family of blood or choice and others take time for quiet, solitary reflection. Whether you celebrate a traditional winter holiday like Christmas or make up your own, it’s nice to have time as the year draws to a close to find your own best celebration. Diversity of opinion is part of the tradition that makes our country vibrant. Diversity of celebration as we turn our thoughts to peace and caring can certainly do the same.

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