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Nominees for Hero of the Year Award, 2010

24 Dec

Composing this post was a true delight and gave me some hope for the future.  It was inspiring to reflect on the Top 10 list of heros.  Each nominee demonstrated courage, compassion, and integrity; it will be difficult to narrow it down to five winners starting next Monday.  Here is the list wonderful souls:

Hero of the Week Award: December 17, 2010

17 Dec

This is a rather heart breaking HWA.  The LGBTQ community has lost yet another young soul to bullying.  His mother, Wendy Walsh, earns this weeks HWA for fighting the school system to stop bullying against LGBTQ youth.  What a great mom!  Here is the video that I strongly encourage you to watch.  Kudos to the ACLU for getting involved.

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