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Justice Prosser: “I didn’t mean to choke her.”

28 Aug

"oh, I barely choked her."

For those that follow TSM, you will remember the coverage we gave misogynist Justice David Prosser back in March of 2010, when he called  Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson a “bitch,” and threatened to “destroy” her.  Well, it appears that Prosser is intent on keeping his promise as he now goes after Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, by choking her.

Allow me to refresh your memories of the particulars back in June of this year. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin chose to uphold  Gov. Scott Walker’s  anti-public employee union legislation.  Prosser, the good conservative lap dog that he is, wanted to release the decision immediately as per his instructions from the state legislature. Chief Justice Abrahamson disagreed. Prosser and Abrahmson argued about this out side of Justice Bradley’s office, with Prosser standing outside of the office door. At this point, Prosser claims that Bradley “charged” at him and it was just a reflex that he grabbed her neck (Interesting reflex, given Prosser’s history).

There are many things about this scene that bother me, but Justice Patience Roggensack’s admonishment of Bradley pushed me over the edge: “Ann you do realize you goad him.”  Even if that were true, does this allow for physical attacks?  I’m sorry, but this is like saying if a woman dresses provocatively she deserves to be raped.  Are we to understand that Prosser should not be held responsible for his behavior?

Am I the only one that remembers Prosser’s words, “There will be a war against you and it will not be a ground war?”  This has gone way beyond partisan politics.  Bradley has repeatedly reported that she is worried about her safety–I know I would be as well. For more context, I share part of Bradley’s interview with police:

Justice Bradley stated her intention was to get close to him to make sure he knew that she meant it. Justice Bradley said she wanted to look him in the eyes and recalled that she did not point at his face, but was pointing over his right shoulder towards the door that was behind him.

Justice Bradley said it was at this point Justice Prosser grabbed her by the neck in what she described as a “choke hold.” Justice Bradley did not recall Justice Prosser squeezing or applying pressure around her neck. Justice Bradley could not describe how many seconds Justice Prosser’s hands were around her neck, but she did recall being able to yell something to the effect of, “Get your hands off my neck.”

Again, I maintain that it is immaterial how long Prosser had his hands around her neck.  You do not lay hands on another person!  My fear is that the fall out from this will be to blame Bradley, the woman, rather than hold Prosser accountable for his actions. As of Thursday, the special prosecutor said no charges would be filed.

I am disheartened that we still scapegoat women and other marginalized populations; have we no memory of Anita Hill?

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