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Back to racism, alive and well…

31 Aug

Coming back to a previous discussion on this blog about race and gender, I ran across a very interesting article in Bitch Magazine that was very disturbing.  The article talks about the lack of black models being used.  I hope you will take a look at the article. Again, I challenge those that argue we live in a post racist society.


Defending Civil Rights…

31 Aug

How disgusting is it that the National Organization for Marriage (talk about misleading) was playing Peter, Paul, and Mary’s version of  Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land.  Does that mean the LGBTQ community is not welcome in the United States?  Shall we stop paying our taxes then if we are not to be considered citizens?  Thank you to Peter, Paul, and Mary for having the integrity to demand that NOM stop playing their song.  Here is a chance to thank them for doing the right thing and for continuing to stand up for civil rights!

What is going on in Minnesota?

31 Aug

I really can’t capture this any better than the article I’m providing the link to: Holy Hypocrite of the Day.

Scary Spin Doctor…

31 Aug

Living in an age where racism and bigotry have seem to have been given new life in the United States, I’m consistently terrified by the anti-intellectual movement, as I am also tired of the inflammatory co-opting of language, such as the very inflammatory “pro-life.”  I’m sorry, but most people that are pro-choice are also pro-life.  Call it what it is: either one is anti-choice, or pro-choice.  Moving on, when and how do we stop spin doctors such as, Charles Krauthammer?  I know this will come as surprise that he is a white, middle aged heterosexual man.

Our Eleanor Roosevelt…

31 Aug

Feeling rather optimistic this morning, I thought reading about Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was just the tonic needed after the “White Pity Party,” Glenn Beck hosted.  Thanks to my friend Jen Lockett for pointing me to Milestone Documents–great resource.

Happy Birthday and more…

30 Aug

Happy Birthday to Lillie Rosa Minoka-Hill, a member of the Mohawk nation, was one of the first Native American physicians in the US.  

Let us remember that on August 30, 1984:  Judith A. Resnick was the second US woman in space, traveling on the maiden flight of the space shuttle “Discovery.”

What’s in a name?

29 Aug

Our celebrity culture has many pitfalls, not the least of which is a tendency to grant people credence and airtime just because they have a famous last name. Politics is sadly no different. While I don’t think political progeny should be held to a higher standard than anyone else when it comes to sharing their opinions, I do think there should be some standard before one gets national airtime. And I don’t think being named Cheney or McCain (or Kennedy, for that matter) is enough in and of itself.

The always amazing AngryMouse has much more to say on the topic.

When will the truth prevail?

29 Aug

I am consistently amazed at the pervasive lies being told about President Obama.  What is also disturbing and distressing is the irony of so called “Tea Party” movement.  I have seen first hand people carrying around posters of President Obama with  a Hitler mustache, while wearing t-shirts saying “what would Jesus do.”  These very people possess the same mob mentality that elected Hitler–that were attracted to big balls of crazy, such as Beck and Palin.  When did mendacity and crazy become so appealing?  When did blatant acts of racism become widely acceptable again?  I challenge the Great Unread to start reading, consult history books, stop allowing fear to dictate your beliefs.  Are these the beginning stages of Fascism in the United States?

Dr. King…

28 Aug

August 28, 1963:  More than 250,000 gather for a march on Washington, DC, and listen to Ma rtin Luther King Jr’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. 

While I hate giving Beck any air time at all, I really hope he will not try to sully this famous and inspirational day.  Dr. King was dedicated to extending civil rights, not limiting them like the very arrogant and ignorant Beck.

A heroic woman…

27 Aug

Many of you may be aware of Anne Nicol Gaylor’s Freedom From Religion Foundation, but there was a great article about her that was referred to me by my friend Bob.  I’m amazed and impressed with this 83 year old woman and applaud her integrity and her sense of self.  In an age when an entire generation has no idea of the significance of Roe v. Wade, I worry about the continued ability for women to have governance over their own bodies in the United States.  Ultimately, it becomes a matter of class and privilege.  The wealthy will have access to resources and choices regardless, whereas the poor will have to suffer under a rule of tyranny and resort to extreme and unsafe measures to make choices for themselves.  Here is where I applaud Ms. Gaylor and her efforts.

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