Hero of the Week Award: September 9, Cyndi Lauper

9 Sep

Hero of the Week

I have to confess that I was so overwhelmed by the bigots this week that the search for a hero seemed daunting.  Fortunately, our Cyndi Lauper, founder of the Give A Damn Campaign, which strives for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender equality, is now opening a homeless shelter for LGBT teens in New York.  True Colors Residence homeless shelter for LGBT teens opens today, September 9, 2011, thus earning Cyndi Lauper our HWA.

True Colors Residence will serve youth from ages 18 to 24 who have been disowned by their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  The youth will receive housing, social, and educational support; they will also receive help finding employment.  Brava, Cyndi Lauper.  How wonderful to build a legacy of love, strength, and advocacy in a culture of hate, discrimination, and fear mongering.


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