Number 3 Bigot of the Year Award

29 Dec

The number three spot for Bigot of the Year Award is shared by the “christian organization” National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and the voters of Iowa that ousted the state Supreme Court Justices.  You remember those lovely folks at NOM.  They now have those lovely billboards showing “God’s Way.”  I want to underscore that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed NOM as a Hate Group, no surprise.  Shame on you bigots in Iowa for ousting judges for paving the way for civil rights.  Perhaps you all would be happier in Kentucky with Rand Paul.

For those “christians” that are sending me grievances privately through the blog, please do have the courage to comment publicly on the blog, or are you afraid of the light of day?

Maggie Gallagher, gets a special shout out and dishonorable mention as the leader of NOM.  You must make your parents so very proud.  I can just imagine: “We are so proud that our daughter has dedicated her life to preaching hate.”   Stay tuned for the number 2 and the Number 1 Bigot of the Year.



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