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Nancy Pelosi, Really?

3 Dec

As the Democrats prepare to take over the House in January, there is much ado about who should be the Speaker of the House. While I’m exceedingly grateful we are kicking Fascist Paul Ryan to the curb, should Nancy Pelosi resume her role as Speaker?

In a word, I offer an emphatic YES! I have been deeply troubled, disturbed, saddened, and pissed off at the manifestation yet again of misogyny. Again, it is painfully clear that the United States cannot tolerate a strong, smart, powerful, woman. While I agree with those who want a new guard ushered in, Pelosi has already demonstrated her commitment to succession planning and ensuring that women are being set up to succeed. I also applaud the mindfulness and strategic thinking of leaders like Maxine Waters, who said her efforts are best used as the Chair of the Financial Services Committee. I also applaud Marcia Fudge of Ohio who supported Pelosi and said where her efforts would be best used. Fudge was a name thrown into the bid for Speaker, and frankly, I would love to see her in that position, and again we see strategy and mindfulness at play, as Fudge will be the Chair of the House Administration sub-committee on Elections–fantastic! Please help Georgia and Florida. If we are to dismantle the autocratic/fascist government that 45 has laid the groundwork for, we must be strategic. But we must also resist buying into a misogynistic narrative.

Sadly, 32 Democrats voted against Pelosi (one should note that is 11 fewer than the number of Republicans that did not support Ayn Rand– oops, I mean Paul Ryan — for Speaker). Of course, one of those voices against Pelosi was Republican Kurt Schrader of Oregon–oops, I mean Democrat Kurt Schrader; it is exceedingly difficult to see where his loyalties lie. He reminds me of Zell Miller of Georgia, who purported to be a Democrat, but those of us paying attention were not fooled or surprised when he showed up as the keynote at the 2004 Republican National Convention throwing his support for George W. Bush–the good ole days when we thought there could be no one worse than Bush.

This mid-term election is sending the most diverse Democratic caucus ever to Washington, largely elected on a progressive, pro-health-care platform. As Speaker, Nancy Pelosi must recognize these facts and continue her commitment to progressive policies and new leadership opportunities for a broader spectrum of Democrats. In return, her caucus must recognize her strong, smart leadership; her clear focus and strong voice is one of the reasons that the Democrats flipped more seats than any time since Watergate. 45’s administration demands seasoned opposition leadership, which Pelosi can clearly supply. Over the next two years, let’s groom those who can move into leadership and help advance progressive causes that allow for greater equity for all people in the United States.

Newt Gingrich: Putrescence Purchasing Prejudice

4 Mar

Clap Your Hands if You Can Buy Hate

For those of us that were wondering how on earth did Iowans get the financial backing to oust fantastic supreme court justices that demonstrated courage in their leadership, we have only to look at Newt (I left my dying, cancer-ridden wife for my mistress) Gingrich for the answer. Yes, Presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich helped to bankroll voters to promote bigotry, hate and prejudice. While, I really don’t want to believe evil exists in the world, if it does, one of the faces of evil is certainly Newt Gingrich.  Yes, Newt (so appropriately named)  anonymously donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a successful effort to recall three judges who overruled Iowa’s law prohibiting same-sex marriages–talk about paying for hate!

One might suggest a silver bullet for Newt, but I’m pretty sure you can’t kill the undead!  What we can do is eliminate his voice. We need to band together and make sure he never holds public office again!  We need to expose him for the Fascist he is. While I sure do miss my family and friends in Georgia, I don’t miss the absolute lunatic politicians: Sonny Perdue, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Franklin, Saxby Chambliss, and of course, Zell Miller.  Click here for the full article.

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